Zap a bacterium


Everybody twist!

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“Insanely square.” Please. An unhip individual does not resemble one with mental illness. “Insanely” does not mean “extremely,” despite the impression one might have gotten from that guy in the turtleneck.

It does now.

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Your outrage is misplaced here. Are you stating your belief that Frank Zappa was entirely sane?

‘One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds…’ --Frank Zappa

I’m not outraged, I’m merely annoyed. I’m not so sure about Captain Beefheart, but, yes, I think Frank was sane. I don’t really want to go down this rabbit hole, but his sanity or lack thereof is not the issue. The issue is, can squareness itself be insane?

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I’m inclined to say almost but not quite. Language is always changing, no doubt about that. The thing is…when one uses this word, this way, it strikes me that one is participating in a marketing scheme for the benefit of a particular corporation, for free.

If you don’t mind my bloviating (and if you do, why are you reading this?), it reminds me of the diabolically clever application of Zipf’s law, with the replacement of the word “program” with “app,” a word that’s eerily reminiscent of the name of a particular corporation. It’s memetic engineering at its finest.

I suppose what I’m saying is, be a tool if you want, but you should at least get a buck or two for doing it.

Also, I miss Frank.

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I have no idea what corporation you’re thinking of. Insanity, Inc? Whoever it is, the marketing isn’t working.

(I figured out the “app” one though. It’s Apple, right? Right?)

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