Psychic makes cloud square


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Aw, I just wanted to hear him say, “Worst. Cloud shrinking. Ever.”


That is some really tremendous direction. Still, it pales in comparison with John Smith’s ability to direct an entire British neighborhood.


I hope this sort of power is never weaponized.


“Cloooooood create a square shape, cloooooooood”.

All. Day. Long. I just know it. Bastard.

By the way, these words were psychokenetically typed.


Your psychic strength typed it on my computer too.


How soon before someone turns that into an auto-tuned song? It’s very musical aready.

“Pleeeez become a squah shape, pleeeez.” :notes:


I’m hip, Daddy-O.


Seems legit.




Was waiting for the cloud to come down and give him a wedgie.



This is the new Most Annoying Thing I Have Ever Seen.


Great. Now it’s going to take me a while to stop referring to those things as clewds.


How about we see all the videos where the clouds got bigger or changed into “duck-shaped”?

Back when making videos meant exposing lots of film or rewinding and erasing tape nobody would have wasted their time with this kind of bullshit, but now that you can instantly make a digital video, and instantly erase it when it doesn’t come out right, it’s no great challenge to present “magic” that you “caused” with your “mind.”


Or you know just film it first then add your voice afterwards when you know what shape it will be… how do people think that this isn’t the thing happening here?


Wonder if this only works with English and asking politely.


Oh come on. Why would a real psychic resort to trickery?


Well, then we’d see cloud psychics everywhere! I’m pretty sure you have to have a “middle class Bay Stater just tipsy enough for their grandparents’ accent to come poking through” voice…


Funny, I was just thinking this: