Zardoz vs ET


I don’t get it. What does Zardoz have to do with ET? Is it just a case of “here’s two things that don’t go together, LOL”? And that’s not even Zardoz, that’s Zed. Zardoz is the giant head.


Don’t you know about the “Vintage Thing + Camp Role = Money” equation?


Oh, I know about it. I help a friend out at comic conventions, so I see a lot of it. It’s never funny, though sometimes at least makes an honest attempt at creating a bad pun.

I just don’t get why it’s on Boing Boing.


Oh, that’s simple:

Painting by Johannes Grenzfurthner.
Johannes Grenzfurthner is a member of Monochrom.
Since 2007 Monochrom is European correspondent for Boing Boing Video.

Personally, I’m faintly disappointed there’s no affiliate link, but what’re you going to do?


What’s the “Vintage Thing” in this particular equation? I’m not referring to Zed and E.T.–there was enough of a time gap that John Boorman’s futuristic epic could have been considered “vintage” by the time Steven Spielberg’s plucky little alien came along–but rather the picture you’ve included.

Diff’rent Strokes meets Knight Rider was, to be more accurate, a crossover. Fun fact: Gary Coleman and David Hasselhoff were the same age * when this picture was taken.

*Not really, but, hey, it sounds good.


Well, I haven’t seen anyone make any money off that image, it’s been out there for a while.

They were only 16 years apart though, which I’d never thought about.

Vintage? The red diaper with suspenders and go-go boots will always be in style!


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