Shatner reveals new album cover: Ponder the Mystery


Somebody should really check his basement. If that picture isn’t grounds for reasonable suspicion that you have a kidnapped Photoshop amateur and a pirate copy of CS3 chained up in your basement, nothing is.


I’m digging that Tekwar-esque fontage.


That guy thinks the sun shines out of his earlobe.


What if Shatner merely is a Photoshop amateur with a pirate copy of CS3? :wink:

Oh, I think basements are involved, alright.

Dude has clearly been using a wormhole to travel back to mid-90s midwestern basement raves.

(Or just last week’s Hip Hop club night.)

That font needs it own lens flare.


He’s at Dragon Con this weekend. Your argument is invalid.

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This is beautiful, Shatner should really get down to starting a cult with lashings of vintage 1980’s futurism aesthetics, we could all make a pilgrimage to the Epcot center and… i dont know… ‘futurize’?.

OK, somebody’s gotta say it - I saw the new album cover, I Shat myself.
Is this what John Tesh album covers would look like if he was still at it?

But just when you’re ready to give up on the old fogie nobility, here comes Sir Paul McCartney to buy them all some more time.

I wonder if anything on “Mystery” can compare with his classic rendition of Mr Tambourine Man.

Can’t work out if I like the picture or the font more. I’ll check back soon with an update.

I’m always reminded of this:

Are you just now realizing this? We knew in the '60’s that he had come from the future. If it hadn’t been for Shat, how would we have known how to even DO 80’s futuristic style? He merely reminds us of our mission here. My God, man! Do you still not truly understand what the whale references meant?

And yes, the sun really does shine from his earlobe.

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Or Common People.

I’m reminded of a comment from a better actor, Sean Connery. Paraphrasing: "I’m a professional actor. I like acting. If the director pays what I’m asking, I’ll act. Please do not assume that my involvement means I think the film will be any good; all I can promise is that I’ll do the best I can with the material I’m given.

Enough people like – and/or like laughing at – what Shatner has become to keep him in business. It ain’t my style, but then again neither is a lot of what passes for popular culture.

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