Fabulous fan video for William Shatner's cover of Pulp's "Common People"

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Am I the only person that finds this disturbing… Because it’s actually not bad? =x

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A great piece from a great album – though it may well be said that it owes much more to Ben Folds’ talents than to Shatner’s.

I have given up all hope of ever seeing Gonzo Ballet on DVD – yea, 'tis an actual ballet set to the album – but apparently it’s on streaming services somewhere now. I’d still like to see it someday.



The first animated mash-up is still better.

Especially as it shows the only real romance in Star Trek. (hint: not Kirk and Uhura).


Oh man I love this album. So good.


There is something disturbing me about the satyr guy in that video. I can’t figure out exactly why he skeeves me out… The closest I can come is that there’s definitely something wrong with the proportions of his body. But I can’t figure out more specifically what’s wrong with them. I was enjoying the song right up to the point where I saw that dude, and my stomach did a backflip.

…Am… Am I racist against satyrs?

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