William Shatner (with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night) covers "The Thrill is Gone"

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No matter how many people make fun of Shatner’s spoken word schtick, he keeps at it. There’s something admirable about that. The song doesn’t live up to “Common People” but the vocals seem to work better the older he gets.


I was watching the documentary “For the Love of Spock” last night and Nimoy’s albums came up as a topic and when they interviewed Shatner he was forced to agree that Leonard was a better singer, even if he couldn’t stay on note.


If he’d keep it inside his four walls, I’d totally agree with you …

Miley Cyrus does a version of the thrill is gone on Jeff Goldblums second album and it is pure unmitigated sex magic. Also an awesome cover.

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“Common People” was a surprisingly good cover…“The Thrill is Gone” doesn’t do it for me, though. The guitar is nice, but Shatner’s performance owes more to the “Mr. Tambourine Man” slice of his oeuvre than the stuff he did with Ben Folds, IMO

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After listening into Miley’s version, I’ve to admit that all the thrill of “The Thrill is gone” is gone … literally

This would be great as an instrumental. Richie Blackmore sounds fantastic here. Wasted on Shatner.

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Shatner’s version is poopoo.


I’d stopped paying attention to Richie Blackmore after hearing Blackmore’s Night. Full respect for doing something unexpected and obviously something he loves, but the Renaissance fair-folk thing does nothing for me.

This on the other hand is what I love most about his playing.


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I dunno. The pulp song is a catchy musical song with a subversive class conscious message. In a sense, pulp did all the work of making the lyrics popular enough for Shatner to deliver straight. But then, I never liked punk.

It’s ok any post which mentions Jeff Goldblum and the phrase “sex magic” will always be welcomed.

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Agreed. Blackmore hasn’t really done anything terribly relevant since the 70’s. He’s not a bad player, but not much stands out.

If you compare him with the careers of the other “Big 3” Birmingham acts, I am surprised periodically at what Jimmy Page has produced that I didn’t know he was involved in, and Tony Iommi, well, when I go to metal shows teenagers will sing along to his riffs from “War Pigs” when the venue plays it to warm up the audience. 'Nuff said.

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Shatner always seems to be in on the joke.

One of my favorite indie films is Free Enterprise, where filmmaking Star Trek nerds meet Shatner in a bar and strike up a friendship of sorts. Shatner turns out to be a little loony, pursuing a passion project to put on a one-man, musical version of Julius Caesar.

Shatner seems to have a great time parodying himself.

Ya, im not really a Miley fan in general, but i do admit to liking that cover. I also think she did a good job on Bill Murrays Netflix Christmas special a few years ago.

I wonder if the fact that it sounds like he was a total asshole that couldn’t get along with anyone hasn’t affected his current standing.

On the Netflix-Special I am totally with you. It works, in my opinion, because the song fits her (in contrast to TTHG …)

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