Discovering William Shatner's first spoken word album in a bakery

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Leonard Nimoy…

I also have a copy of this, though it cost nearly as much to ship as the album costs and it took months to get to us…

Worth it.

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I personally prefer Nimoy’s (actual) singing over Shatner’s. But what crazy bakery plays any of this in the background (presumably)?




My first run in with the William Shatner oeuvre was with the Golden Throats CDs. I mean, just look at this lineup! Shatner! Nimoy! Jack Webb singing a version of Try A Little Tenderness so lifeless it he should treat it like a homicide on Dragnet!


I agree about Has Been. I bought a copy, and have no regrets.


HAS BEEN is, as noted, a good album (although it’s from ‘04, not ‘07), but I’ll be that guy and claim that TRANSFORMED MAN is not devoid of merit — the Cyrano reading for example, which is well done right up until it drives at highway speed into the bollard of Shat’s rendition of “Mr Tambourine Man”.

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Henry Rollins has an amazing story about recording I can’t get behind that with Shatner. And it’s a genuinely fantastic song to boot.

I dare you to find a human being more in love with themselves, I triple dog dare you.

One of them was president of the United States for four miserable years. Shatner at least is capable sometimes of self-awareness and engaging in self-deprecation. From the song that lorcan_nagle mentioned:

“I can’t get behind so-called singers that can’t carry a tune, get paid for talking, how easy is that? …Well, maybe I could get behind that!”

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