Zero-gee cocktail robotics


A drinkbot? It’s been done already…

Zero-G cocktail glass, when a bag would work far better. Reminds me of this:

Apocryphal: of dubious authenticity.

Makes a good story, though.

In Karl Schroeder’s excellent Virga series (starting with Sun of Suns), he occasionally makes reference to ‘spiral glasses’ (I believe that was the terrm), which adhere drinking liquids to them through surface tension (Virga’s a planet sized ball of air lit by artificial fusion suns, where the only gravity comes from people spinning their ships or towns, and so on voyagers people often go without it… I believe this was meant to be a aristrocratic solution, the common people could of course use bags. I always thought that was a neat idea.

Perfect for serving an In and Tonic.

Ah, the old space pen vs pencil story.

Because when you are in a 0G environment inside a sealed can with only electronics between you and death, what you really need is a brittle stick of conductive material.

The challenge is to create cocktails can you ONLY make in Null G because would separate out otherwise.

Not to mention that it’s bullshit. Neither NASA or the Russians spent money to design pens that work is space. Fisher Pen company did and sold the pens to the Russians and NASA for about $1.35 each.

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