Zoe bee: PragerU's TERRIFYING parenting advice

In this video, Zoe Bee, educator, examines the absolutely terrifying parenting advice that Dennis Prager’s wildly funded propaganda youtube channel, PragerU, publishes.


Let me guess, they advocate hitting your own defenseless children with objects?

Christian parents love beating their kids.

A story my parents liked to tell me as a child goes like this:

Before I was adopted, they and my birth mother compared notes on parenting and religion for months, along with the religious adoption agency.

And when the time came to give birth and hand me over, my birth mom made my parents promise to spank me. And my parents told her that was obviously already part of the plan.

“God made sure I gave my son to a spanking family”

Hitting your children is nothing but child abuse.

If you’d be upset with a stranger doing it to your kid randomly on the street, why are you cool with doing it to them yourself?


So Zoe goes into depth on who PragerU platformed in this video and why the advice is not only inhumane, but ineffective. Turns out, PragerU grabbed the nearest, unaccredited, christian dominionist self-proclaimed psychologist who just so happens to be a member of a an actual factual hate group that poses as self-proclaimed doctors.

(surprisingly, this video isn’t about Rand Paul)

The long and short of it is that John Rosemond, self-proclaimed professional and unaccredited “biblical psychologist” advocates not only paddlings, but deliberately inflicting trauma up to and including locking a child in their room for an entire month.

to quote Dennis Prager: dangerous people are teaching your children.

and it just happens that Prager and his band of fellow dumbasses are the dangerous people who “teach” your children.


I remember when my wife was pregnant with our first child and going to the book store to look at Dr. Spock and whatnot and picking up a book of parenting advice from Bill Bennett and randomly flipping to a page that advised that you should put hot pepper sauce on your kids’ pacifier in order to ween them from it.

The cruelty is the point all the way down.


That’s heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs Peas has worked with children her whole life and is an absolute wizard with them; firm without any hint of cruelty, a pal but unquestionably in charge. She traces her empathy and compassion for children back to her childhood in a Seventh Day Adventist church. There was some sort of room adjacent to the auditorium (or whatever they’re called in churches). When kids were naturally bored and acting out, their parents would take them in there for a beating. In the middle of a sermon about the compassion of Christ, no less. She began offering to take the kids in to the room and play with them. She transformed what was a room of horrors into a nursery.

To this day, whenever we’re out in public, some 25 year-old will wander over and be absolutely glowing with love because they remember her as the babysitter or teacher who showed them unconditional love and compassion while at the same time being firm and a little naughty in just the way a five year old adores. Poopyhead!!!

Edited because kids are just kids and want to be kids. Trying to make them sit still in church is its own form of cruelty.


It always bears repeating—“Prager U” is not a university, and is not associated with a university, and has nothing to do with education in any way—it’s as much a fraud as “Trump University”


Unsurprising since PragerU is funded by the Wilks Bros, who also fund fake pregnancy centers.



Prager U is nothing more than theocratic/far-right indoctrination and propaganda, and the best advice on any subject they cover would be to do the exact opposite of whatever their sanctimonious and arrogantly ignorant pitchmen say. I’ve never willingly chosen to watch their garbage, but some of the Twitch streamers I watch like to do “reaction videos” about them. PU’s content never fails to disgust and horrify me, and their nonsense would send any half-decent fact-checker into apoplexy.

coach type its bullshit


This was the advice we were given. Instead I snipped the tip off of it, then cut it back little by little until Little Pane didn’t want it any more.

Upon reflection, I’m not sure why this was necessary. They’d give it up eventually.


They have used Google’s targeting algos to try and insert their ads into liberal-leaning content on Youtube.

I get them a lot watching John Oliver.

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As a pediatrician, I cannot and will not watch this child abuse advocacy group under any circumstances and strongly advise anyone else against doing so. They suck, plain and simple.


And the far left. People first noticed this on r/breadtube a few years ago and wondered why they were being targeted. One possibility was that they are hoping to stop people drifting to the left, but when you are watching libertarian Marxists and anarcho-communists then that battle was lost a long time ago.


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