Zuck's personal head of security resigns after allegations of homophobia, transphobia, "pervasive discriminatory conduct," and "horrific levels of sexual harassment and battery"

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So the Zuck won’t even stand up for his own wife?


Show me a head of physical/personal security anywhere that doesn’t do the same thing. There is a certain type that gets that job.

Also: Pretty shitty of Cory to make a Facebook logo swastika for this story when

a) Facebook as a corporation wasn’t involved in this. Booth was personal security for Zuck and Chan.

b) Facebook has been kicking Nazis off their platform like crazy. Just today I reported and got someone banned for anti-semitic memes.

The allegations don’t say he was even aware of it.

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Is anyone surprised?




These investigations included numerous interviews with Mr. Booth’s colleagues as well as a review of other relevant documents and information.

There is no allegation that Zuckerberg himself was aware of the alleged misconduct.

So their family office didn’t interview the chief dickweed? Anyone who’ll buy that, please contact me, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.


“Show me a head of physical/personal security anywhere that doesn’t do the same thing.“

The head of security at the airport where I work isn’t racist, homophobic or transphobic. She actually rather likes me.


Obligatory “Christ what an asshole.”

he’d “angrily advocat[ed] against diversity in the workplace and the movement Black Lives Matters, which he called ‘reverse racism.’”

Weird how people who talk about “reverse racism” engage in totally straight-ahead racism. I guess they prefer their racism to go in one direction only.

In two respects, even: sabotaging her initiatives and also engaging in behavior that reasonably raised questions about whether he would actually provide security for her or instead be a threat himself. Both of those seem like fatal flaws, in terms of continued employment.


These are his favorite people. I know them well. They are one of the “both sides” Trump explained so well.



So let’s see - some people said a thing about a person who worked for a very rich man, including that he had made insults against the rich man’s wife. The rich man had some other people investigate and they found that the original some people were wrong. A bunch of other people concluded that the rich man’s investigation conclusions could not possibly be right, because of other dumb, dangerous, and essentially evil things the rich man had done.

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No worries. There are enough unfilled position in the Trump administration where he’d fit right in.


It would be pretty silly to allege Zuckerberg knew without pretty solid proof, as the man has a stack of money and an army of lawyers. I doubt if the allegers have a signed memo “Nice work, Liam, keep up the homophobia and racism, yours Zuck”. They had the dope on the security guy: Zuck has plausible deniability, but that’s about it.

Not all that plausible really, but enough lawyers will make it stick.


Should we who avoid FB care much? I mean, the world mostly knows that Zuck = scumbag, so his hiring scumbags is no surprise. But how are the rest of us affected?

BTW I once worked at a large computer center with a vastly multi-ethnic and -national staff. My little team was a mini-UN. Door security was tight, except they didn’t notice me sneak my Doberman in. She behaved better than some programmers. But I saw zero of security bothering anyone for ethnicity, sexuality, anything except thievery. No, security needn’t be nazis.

This is a textbook example of how indifference to race/sexuality/sexual-identity issues leads to people with horrible takes on these issues eventually making it into positions of authority.

The only way to make sure you don’t accidentally put a terrible person in a position of power is to actively be on the lookout for terrible people.


Zuckerberg has made himself inseparable from Facebook. Even when the majority of FB shareholders want to change policy, he overrules them, and he’s set things up that he cannot be removed or mitigated.

Facebook=Zuck, Zuck=Facebook.


Uh, should those who didn’t vote for Hitler have cared much?

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Godwin’s Law strikes again.

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