10 creepy and disturbing documentaries

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light green t-shirt… Check!

Watching Dear Zachary. ZOMG, Canada, WTF is going on with your legal system? Took forever to extradite someone with a solid case for murder.

ETA - holy fuck… do not watch this documentary… it is messed up. Complete failure of the justice system. The comments by one of the Canadian judges for an accused murderer was just insane.

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The Cheshire Murders were just “down the street”, about 20 minutes away. They convicted the guys this past year. No that’s not right. It was in the news a lot again, though.

Why it’s so creepy: The only thing worse than listening
to the graphic depictions of what Hayes and Komisarjevsky did in the
Petit family home is hearing how they stalked their victims beforehand.

It’s also creepy because the mother was taken to the bank to withdraw money, and she was able to alert a teller to call the police. Who spent 30 minutes assessing the situation and setting up road-blocks while the family was raped and killed.

Not mentioned on either list is the documentary about Aileen Wuornos, actual interview footage with the serial killer. She was one creepy fuck. It’s on Netflix but I can’t watch it again.

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Yeah, I couldn’t finish that one. At first I was skeptical of the case, but after the third or fourth timeline-jumping addition of explanation and detail it got to be too much crazy.

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Ok, I’m going to have to see that now.

Right, also fictionalized in the movie Monster, yes?

Still need to see that.

Yes. Charlize Theron did a good job in that movie, but the actual footage of Aileen Wuornos is really chilling. I don’t know why some people feel so off but I think it’s a tough thing for an actor to replicate.

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Those people are twigging your fight or flight response; which probably makes them a psychopath. Always trust that instinct!

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