Netflix pulls LGBTQ content tag from "Dahmer"

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I wonder if they tagged that 2003 biopic about serial killer Aileen Wuornos as a “girl power” movie.


how about just pull the whole thing


Was it inadvertant that the only tag on this BB story is also LGBTQ?


Yikes. It is like a robot labels these things.

“Boop Beep, woman in lead role - insert #GirlPower

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Really. I do not understand wallowing in true crime and the misery of others and never have. This isn’t like watching 12 Years a Slave where there is something to learn among the horror, it’s just misery porn that serves no good purpose.


When I saw it, I immediately gave it a thumbs down. I don’t care if it’s well done or total schlock (no points for guessing my opinion), I never need to see that kind of shit. Much less celebrate it with a show.

If they had a “true crime” tag that I could block, I would instantly, no FOMO.


I figured the tag was in reference to the identity of the victims he targeted rather than Dahmer himself.

I guess if it were really empathetic and made sure the viewers were right there in not knowing not to harvest and eat people while developing a sexual identity, it would be a chilling documentary. [Rolls a 0. Looks at the poster image.] Yeah it looks like a Republican attack ad. What does the @loliwifegroomer review say?

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