100 amazing years of Planned Parenthood in 4 minutes: THESE DOORS STAY OPEN

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No joke: this organization probably did more to reduce the number of abortions in America over the last century than the combined efforts of the Christian Right.

You think abortion is murder? Give people the tools to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


We are 30 year supporters, because that’s how long ago we met, fell in love and had the CHOICE to control our reproductive choices. From pap smears to cancer screenings, birth control and yes, when needed safe, legal abortion if that is the choice (not that we needed one, but… ). We have to fight this trench by trench, street by street, community by community. No to bigotry and No to misogyny and Yes to a brighter better future for all. We can do it. We must. We shall.



Is it possible to resist a growing onslaught of self-destructive stupidity?
We will find out.


Is it a given that stuff like this is going to happen, or do the Democrats still have some leverage? The Republicans didn’t seem to have much trouble obstructing things with their senate minority.


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And though you die, La Resistance lives on!


*La Resitance.

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Nah, clearly it was the shaming of women and keeping young adults in ignorance of the basic biology of sex that drove down those numbers… /s

But seriously, yeah.



There seems to be 2 issues. One being a woman’s right to her body. Of course, this is a no-brainer - everyone should have this fundamental right, otherwise they are nothing more than a slave.

The second issue is about forcing others to pay for your upkeep. You could earn financial help. You could ask for that charity. But to require others to pay for portions of your life? That means you’ve taken control of another’s body and force their labor into your service - an automatic contradiction of that idea that everyone should have a right to their body.

Given the support and popularity that Planned Parenthood has, there is no reason why it can’t be self-supporting. And this gets it out of the mindless control by self-serving bureaucrats in Congress.

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Abortions are not covered by federal dollars to PP. Not a single dime. However, the tax dollars employed by PP provides wellness screenings for women, which cuts down on costs for indigent care by helping women to prevent illnesses down the road which will cost tax payers more down the line.


I was going to ask if I could get some barely concealed misogyny with my tediously generic Libertarian talking points, but I see these things have already been provided together in one package. I can’t wait to hear about what else the market will efficiently deliver and what else women don’t deserve.


If we could keep our whore legs closed until we secure a man, maybe we wouldn’t “need” abortions, AMIRITE!? /S

Of course, I doubt the poster believes in health care as a fundamental right either, since it wasn’t specifically listed in the constitution. Cause we’re still the exact same as a society as we were in the late 18th century, right?



Public services for maintaining individual and community health seems to be a cornerstone of the modern industrialized democratic state. Neighborhood policing, community health centers, social workers, and yes, reproductive health services–these are just a few of the components of such a system.

Implemented competently, these systems tend to create a tide that lifts all boats, while lowering rates of truancy, teen pregnancy, and domestic abuse.

Taxpayer funding and budget allocation decisions effectively put a price on such desired outcomes. Some feel these outcomes are worth the price, some don’t.


Can my tax dollars stop paying for other people’s religious groups, especially the ones that tell their congregation from the pulpit how to vote to take away my human and civil rights?

Great, thanks.

By the way: there isn’t a line item in the budget for PP. It’s reimbursements for medical care given that otherwise would be paid to some other medical clinic.


And of course, none of those funds cover abortions!


Often times the answer to unwanted pregnancy offered by those in opposition to planned parenthood is adoption. Yet this denies the sometimes involuntary and possibly mortal trauma of pregnancy and birth. My mother put it to me simply and without hyperbole when she told me, “Denying the right of birth control legalizes procreation by rape”. People must have freedom of determination over their own bodies! I am ready to hold the door open for Planned Parenthood.