100 Americans attempt a British accent


Oh. I need to watch that. I’ve got to finish the new ones before I go back and watch all the old ones.


For a while, Netflix had a nice collection from the classic series of Dr. Who. I don’t think they do anymore, but you can probably stream them from Amazon or whatever. It’s worth taking the time. Even the last few seasons, which aren’t great, had some things to recommend it.


Yes, though you have to travel quite far in the US to find the kind of regional variation you get in short distances in the UK. For example, the drive from Hull to York is around 45 minutes, but the accents sound nothing alike. (I’d been working in Hull for 6 months before I could reliably parse what people said to me, whereas in nearby Beverley, where I lived, I had no problem from a few weeks in.)


Well, the US is much larger than the UK, but there’s about the same level of “What??” between our northern New England and Deep South regions. (At least in rural areas.)


An obvious one (and I’m really sorry to say it) is the Doctor’s outfit :confused: I really haven’t watched any Doctor Who, but the one actor that always pops up on my mind is David Tennant, and he wore a really sharp suit and that coat thing.


[quote=“marence, post:24, topic:103628”]
there’s about the same level of “What??” between our northern New England and Deep South regions.[/quote]
You could dump England+Wales into Iowa. Yorkshire is about half the area of Chicagoland, and even my relatively untrained ear can pick out half a dozen genuinely different accents in Yorkshire, not counting immigrants. I think it is rather remarkable.


Yes, these are hilariously awful.
Sidenote: years back I was in London at a comedy club. When they realized I was American they all tried their American accent out on me. I didn’t have the heart to tell them they all sounded like a Texan who had just had a stroke.


As a Brit I always thought that a Californian accent was like, y’know much easier to pull off.
I’ve always found it easier to get into an accent if I start off with a particular phrase that’s stereotypical for that accent, such as the “like, y’know” for Californian, or simply “Birmingham” for Brummy.


Yorkshire Represent!


The “west coast” accent* is generally considered the “standard” American accent (or non-accent). As the film industry centers on Hollywood, that’s the one that gets broadcast the most to the rest of the world. Maybe less so now, since filming in cheaper locales like Toronto has become popular.

*not the “surfer” or “valley girl” type accents, but the way normal people talk.


Yeah, Colin Baker’s outfit was considered horrible. But then, if you make it into a woman’s dress, it’s somehow amazing:


Seriously, Six’s outfit is way better as a dress somehow. Still loud as all hell, but … cute?

Which one is the bottom left supposed to be? McGann?


I think so? According to her etsy shop, it’s 4 - 8, then 10 and 11. she’s not making them right now, though:


she’s got some great stuff in general, though.


Yeah, looking at it from a better angle it definitely looks like Eight. He had a great outfit.


He really did. His movie, sadly, not so much! I hear his radio plays were much, much better, though and those are now canon thanks to the short the Night of the Doctor.


Those look like she should be charging more.


Agreed. When they were up individually, I think they were closer to 600 or 700 each.


Well those dresses explain why (Tom) Baker was my favourite Dr. Who…


Who doesn’t <3 Tom Baker? Jerks, that’s who! :wink:

But seriously, I think all of the doctors have something to recommend them. The one’s who aren’t as popular I think were generally underserved by the apparatus around them (the writing or the production). Sylvester McCoy was a pretty great Doctor, but I think the writers had some great ideas that just weren’t fully worked out or served. Same with Colin Baker, too. And the more I see of the Second doctor, the more I realize just how much of shame it is that lots of his stories were lost.


:rofl: who can resist ?

Perhaps some actors have magnetic appeal… regardless of the writing, direction, sets, costumes and props