100 bold ideas the BBC can use to fight back

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Are any of the suggestions “referring to David Cameron as the ‘right-wing Prime

Replace BBC America with an option for viewers outside of the UK to purchase subscriptions?


Well IHMO TV in the UK and not just the BBC has been deteriorating for at least a decade or two now. To quote one famous comedian; “My TV guide looks like the entertaimment guide on a ******* cruise liner!”. And me personally I think he’s correct – there’s an awful lot of dross on TV over here in the UK right now.

As to where it started? One of the biggest causes was the misguided thatcher legislation of the late '80s/early 90s, that turned ITV franchies into little more than auctions. Bid the highest amount and “promise” quality and you got your franchise. Unless of course the politicians in question back then didn’t like you, then you didn’t get your franchise (see: Thames TV and “Death on the rock”).

That legislation also helped to kill regionality (we have, or used to have regional based TV shows here in the UK far more than we do now). It also replaced people who actually knew something about making TV shows with mere bean-counters.

How did that affect the BBC? Well that legislation had consequences far beyond its original remit; in the end it was a step to making programming just to chase ratings and money - which eventually every TV comapny decided to do. You can almost see this happening in the late 90s too when TV for want of a better term “melted down and reformed” into something much more commercial.

As to what the BBC could do? I’m not sure right now - probably with the way things are I doubt there’s even 10 things they could do let alone 100. But for sure and this wouldn’t be the BBC’s responsibility but for sure reversing insane government legislation would be a good step in the right direction.


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