Brown? In London? Papers please


The UK has fully turned to the dark side of fascism. Heck we even have a TV show on the state owned TV network called, " I Love My Country."

Seriously, England; as a livelong resident of 34 years all I can say is, “Fuck you!”

And that goes to all of the Britons who have left these fascist bastards take over, too. Now just go back to consuming The X Factor and the Daily Mail whilst our overlords continue to pillage the nation.


In the USA crap like this would be called “encouraging them to self-deport.”

And would get cheered on by the flinty-eyed soreheads who see new bodega in the neighborhood as “it’s like we’re not living in American anymore!”

Makes you wonder who actually won WWII…


A couple years down the road a charismatic leader arises. His first move is to round up all suspected migrants and force them into deportation camps. His policy is praised by a fearful populace wringing their hands about terrorism and job losses. It’s not until nearly two decades later that England has lost the third Great War that people start to come to their senses.


Hope you aren’t thinking of going to the Netherlands or China or France or the UAE or Sweden or…

“I Love My Country” is a bit of an immigrant itself. :smiley:


It’s as if they’re using 2000AD as an instruction manual.


Using China and UAE as examples doesn’t exactly reassure…

I was being facetious somewhat mentioning the show, but it really did take me by surprise seeing a trailer for it earlier given the current state of affairs here.

[quote=“Soilzero, post:2, topic:5888”]
The UK has fully turned to the dark side of fascism.
[/quote]Dammit, why can’t anybody ever embrace the light side of fascism?


You mean the snazzy uniforms and how good it must feel to have power over “those people”?

I was thinking more about the punctual trains and reliable automobiles.


Sports fans did, obviously!

Several years ago I was part of a group of about twenty students that took a ferry from Wales to Ireland. At the dock two of us were briefly pulled aside by security, asked to show our passports, and asked about the purpose of our visit. We were both white, but we were also the only two people in the group wearing trench coats.

I really want to make a comparison here, but as soon as I try it occurs to me that we could have taken off our coats.


Oh the Irish cops used to profile brown people at immigration all the time. There was a big stink about it so now they check all the passports. It was quite obvious: the one black guy getting off a plane would have his passport checked and everyone else would be waved through.

So, are they just being dicks, or could it mean they’re desperately following some vague tip?
If it is the latter, one could…flood the system.
If it is the latter, it seems like they’re grasping blindly in the air.
Either way, it’s scary as hell.
I’m not even brown, and I wouldn’t set foot in England ever again.

I chose those five out of 25 to show it isn’t reflective of a political philosophy.

Like this?


We’ve had Stop and Search powers for years which basically gave the police carte blanche to stop anyone who “looked funny” in an attempt to, yup, fight terrorism.

Of course, these powers were used predominantly on brown natives to look for weapons and drugs, so the authorities don’t really have a problem with random racial profiling.

More like this.


Yes, this I knew.
I never really thought England would stoop so low as to blatantly flaunt it like this.
I guess the visibility of the corruption is good, though.
You can’t fight what you can’t see.

That’s why I wear kaleidoscope glasses when I fight vampires.

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