$1000 Oppo Find X phone fails bend test

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Is this dude trying to sound like an…android? It’s like Data doing an unboxing video or something.


The guy’s name is Zack. His youtube channel is called ‘Zack’s Jerry-rig everything’, named after his grandfather Jerry.


It sounds to me like a next generation text to speech program? (At least compared to a lot of what i hear on youtube right now)

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Well, his tagline is Jerry Rig Everything


So the big question is, will Apple sue Oppo?


I know its just a phone, and one that he bought. But it was almost painful to watch the abuse he did to it.
Yes I know this happens, and its probably good that he’s doing it for us - it was still painful.

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Yeah, I also find videos like this grating, and I’m not sure I give it a pass for being a public service either. I mean, he’s not Consumer Reports or NIST, and I don’t know how much his informal “testing” reflects how things fare in real-world use. Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder, but it feels like hundreds of people have put substantial work into something that, even if it is derivative and wretchedly designed and non-best, is still a sci-fi marvel of engineering; and then some guy appoints himself a YouTube expert and declares that they’re dumdums because he can cleverly break it with his oafish hands.

$1,000 smartphone, taking a box cutter to it… glee!

Oppo / Samsung / Apple / etc: “Customers tell us they want phones that are faster, lighter, thinner, and have bigger, better screens, so here’s the new generation of ultra-advanced $1000 handheld computers with the most cutting edge technology available.”

YouTube yokel: “HAY FOLX!! If’n I put mah phone in a drill press an’ bend tha heck out of it, it breaks! YOU SUCK, PHONE MAKERS!”

Oppo / Samsung / Apple: sigh

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I don’t like these kinds of videos because as someone who has never been able to afford a brand new top of the range phone it hurts that there are people out there who buy them just to destroy them. It’s not so much that I want the phone as it is the thought of what I could do to improve my life with the equivalent amount of money.

I wish he would wear gloves while he manually crushes up pieces of sapphire-hard glass.

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