New iPad Pro bend test

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Oh cool, what’s the spec for the bend test?


Don’t own an ipad. Probably won’t. But that was thoroughly entertaining.


Dear God, the scraping noises!


hey @frauenfelder how about a little user warning about the scraping and scratching sounds in the video. I nearly jumped out of my seat ripping my headphones off when he put the blade to the metal

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I’d like to see some of his stress tests on first-edition books, high-end ceramics, wads of cash etc. Why should we only have this sort of useful and morally enriching information about Apple products?


Maybe his sponsor could make a rigid structural frame to actually protect the product.

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It’s YouTube, not ASTM. 2 hands + ridiculously fragile Apple product = enough results for me to know it’s poorly designed.

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A petite teenager’s hands? Or a burly bodybuilder? It’s all relative, which is why youtube videos of things like this are crap. Is this a problem in the real world? Doesn’t seem to be.


I took an Ipad Pro 10.5 camping at last weekend. It’s in an Otterbox case. Carried it in a chest pack all weekend. First day was rain, wind, cold, and 6 inches of mud. Temps under 50. Second day was sun and wind, temps under 40. Freezing temps both nights. Third day, more sun, wind and low temps, warming to almost 60. It did just fine, only used about 40% battery life processing transactions during the day and reading Wikipedia before bed over the course of three days and three nights. It way outperformed my iphone and laptop at picking up wifi.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t intentionally bend it until it died. That’s not part of my normal usage. My assumption is that if I need to break it, it will break? But otherwise, I feel like it did just fine.


You don’t want to watch a test of the durability of a piece of expensive technology because it isn’t properly standardized, great. Continue not watching. Me, I can get usable information out of informal evaluation, because I already know that everything is relative. Thanks, though. Not that I was gonna buy anything Apple makes anyway, because hey, we all have our biases.

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I thought that was a reasonable question. I recall the scratch test video made use of standard tools to determine how hard something needed to be before the phone’s screen was scratched, why not also this? Is this not the same person?

We all have our biases, but if the only value these video have is seeing something expensive destroyed, that’s entertainment, not really useful information.

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Manufacturers are what they used to be.

Why, I took an Android tablet out the other day and ran over it with my car. My car isn’t even that big and that piece of crap cracked all to hell. And now I can’t repair it. Worthless junk. And I paid like a lot for it and everything. It even had that notch thing.

/satire. get a life kids. these things aren’t 2x4’s.




That was utterly stunning. There should be a warning that you can not unsee what you are about to experience. Shock and Awe. Amazing.

You oughta see what happened to my Ming vase when I hit it with a hammer! If you have a grand’s worth of high-tech advanced equipment, maybe you should treat it with some respect. People who drop phones or sit on them and then complain when they break are just being silly.

It may bend, but it will never break!!!

Okay. I guess it actually breaks pretty easily.

Is there a companion video where the tablet breaks cracking the lithium ion battery igniting the pad and setting the house on fire? Just checking to see what is covered under my insurance policy…

Your Ming vase isn’t designed as a portable device to take with you wherever you go, so, while amusing, I don’t think decorative vases are a good analogy to iPads.

I was expecting him to really reef on the thing while supporting one end on the edge of a table or something and get it to crack and bend slightly. I wasn’t expecting… that.

That’s bad. I’m sorry, but holy shit. I wouldn’t put that in my backpack.

Semi-aside: If I have to buy a case to house your extra thin electronics and thereby make it thicker anyway… just make it thicker and save me the DIY ruggedization process. I’m talking to you too, Samsung.

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