101 indie Christmas songs

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Ok, I see they have a cover of one of my favorites, “Christmas Wrapping”, but I’ll plug the original, by The Waitresses.


The original is still my favorite. I love Kylie and everything but the waitresses just own that song


Last night I was listening to Wait’s “Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis”. That counts as a Christmas song for me


This is the only Christmas song I look forward to hearing.

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Marvelously remix.kwed.org continues to see submissions and OCRemix.org has a new free SNES based (but the quality is damn high) album, and new remixes of Indie game soundtracks. All Chinese New Year focused. (Well hey, Octopath Traveller!) Maybe there’ll be snow themed ones in there (as one might queue Snow Westerns from Criterion’s The Daily in lieu of passing modern conservatism into, you know, making your life more Vim based (corruption D&D 5e Vim where if you can consume Vim to spit poison at it and corrupt it, you can take its HP and Vim, not the editor clade. (Thanks, ToME./)./'https://frimly.ca/LGIklugGY.bb’<'dump_tables ADRENOCHROME ALL oops heh heh)) Freshly remade, a Festivus Miracle.

Hetalia Axis Powers ep. 13 and 31 are Christmassy. Romans, can’t be Sephardic with…yeah well, do the merriment and light part!

Amigos Retro Gaming Network (podcast) made a new podcast. 8bit.do controllers anyone? Haven’t tried UAE or Genesis or PC Engine emu in WebAssembly, are those things? Set some bloops to OFF and any song is a game soundtrack. Pet Sounds is an album that doesn’t refer to the Commodore PET?

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Sufjan Stevens alone will get you over a hundred solid indie Christmas songs!

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This song is also ‘I like noise and it’s gotta be loud’ from years later and a male singer, but with lyrics and dut-dut-dut vocal backing instead of something instrumental.

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