12 members of Nevada GOP gubernatorial candidate's family publish op-ed opposing him


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Hoping this is becoming a trend with family members of right-wing arsehole candidates. See also:


Roger That!


Obviously, these are paid family members!/s


I’m sure he’ll extend an olive branch and offer to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year.


They call themselves a family, but all I see is the mob. /s


shakes fist at sky


" …in summary, he’s a R extremist right wing nutter and arsehole who tortured animals, the morals of a snake and the charm of a spider, as a child he bit the heads off chickens for sport, we’ve seen im et a plate o babies guvnah. Please vote anyone else." He’s also up 8 in the latest polls. /s (now I need to check the polls on this race, sigh)


Well I have to say, I would have to think long and hard before endorsing my brother, a movement conservative. Not that my endorsement is worth a fart, but still.


“my brother, a bowel movement conservative.” there ftfy


as a Reno resident, i want to point out that the newspaper in question is actually called the Reno Gazette-Journal.

welcome to nevada politics in 2018, haha


As a Nevada resident this cracks me up.

Also a curious thing about Laxalt is that in his ads he lightly beats the drum of having military service then moves onto family, values, and other vauguenesses. So I looked it up and he was in the Navy (HAH!), and not only that he was a JAG officer (Navy lawyer basically).

Now I am not a political consultant, but if you are a republican you’re already running on a law and order platform, and a pro military one, so why not combine both and present yourself as the most patriotic dogooder possible? I think even mentioning JAG enough times would stir up warm memories among Boomers who watched that show (people like my parents basically). But no, he’s running like any other milquetoast technocrat only mentioning his last five-ish years as attorney general, but he’s being hit hard by his cozying up to pharma companies trying to get around legislations.

The outgoing repub governor didn’t endorse him because Laxalt was doing things behind his back.


Crisis family actors?


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