13 dead in California bar after gunman opens fire (Update: shooter identified)



Don’t forget he was an ex-marine. So, while we condemn his deranged, evil murder of innocents, we must also thank him for his service.


I can just imagine the carnage.


Commas, my friend. You need them, they are your friends.


systemic misogyny?


Or I specifically chose to use periods for emphasis.

But you know, you’re right. The important thing about language is rigidly following rules intended for academic contexts in specific countries. Not effectively encoding meaning.


No such thing as an ex-marine. Once a marine, always a marine!


Totally off topic, but the 6 films that were made in the 70’s off this comic (starring Tomisaburo Wakayama) are some of the absolute best shlock gory samurai fare ever made. As some have said, manages to be highbrow and lowbrow at the same time. There was also TV series, but do not bother with those. Cannot recommend the 6 films highly enough.


Ryuthrowsstuff seems to belong to the e e cummings school of punctuation. At first it seems a tip toward insanity, but there’s usually a point.


Rob, I think Xeni has hacked your account. …


The Civil War in the U.S. never ended. The Confederacy never conceded in actuality. Now it seems to be a lot more complex than just the North vs. the South, though.



I get your point, but I hate to have to see these assholes pictures.


(NB: “victim” here means killed or injured, not just fatalities.)


CNN, on the shooting: “The largest mass shooting… in 12 days.”


Let me rephrase then: After a while, reading your text feels like getting repeatedly jabbed in the forehead, and I will stop reading what you write if you keep doing that.
Your reader deserves more respect than that. I know I do.


The Confederate “government” dissolved itself on May 5, 1865.


And I see people respond to that by saying, “Well, since the cops brought him down, that means it was someone with a gun who stopped him, right?”
Never mind the fact that the police unit that first responded to the shooting, who knew there was a shooting in progress, both were disabled by the gunman, and it took a second group, a SWAT team, to take him down (and several of them were shot in the process before that happened).
So the argument for armed guards goes, essentially: “They should have had several teams of SWAT-trained-and-equipped guards, who magically knew someone was going to shoot up the place before they confronted him. That would take care of the problem. Then only five people would have been shot, in my idealized, magical scenario!”


And was never recognized as a legitimate government by the Union anyway, so there would be no point in seeking a formal concession.