13-year-old explains 'southern pride' to idiot racists

Our office cat is smarter than Trump. And useful.


In theory. In practice it is affected by illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders.


For over a hundred years folks in the south have been told by their school teachers and politicians and religious leaders that the civil war was “not really about slavery at all,” it was about something something states rights (chiefly the ‘right’ to own slaves, but let’s not mention that). So we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re surprised that their symbols mean something to them which they never were intended to mean. Raise a population on lies and you’ll get a really screwy population - just talk to nearly any North Korean. Education is the key. Next up: Texas school board makes text book selections.


Some kind shooper has offered us a remedy:


If I were to reboot it, I’d just call the car “Lady Liberty” and put the regular flag on there.


What about for non-statists? Just like there are no regular default people, there are no regular default flags.

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Call it the Albert Parsons.


Non-statists should probably lower their expectations about finding themselves represented in a hypothetical reboot of a network TV show about a couple of “good ol’ boys” driving around in a car famous for having a flag painted on it’s roof.


Apparently at the end of WW2 many German soldiers had been so thoroughly brainwashed that even as they were being led away to prisoner of war camps they were telling their guards “you’ll be for it when Hitler comes”. And many German officers taken into captivity in newly liberated countries could not understand how their captors could fail to treat them with the respect due to a German officer.

Not that I am saying people who fly the Confederate flag are Nazis, just identifying a common behaviour pattern in people used to supremacy.


I wonder how Confederate flag supporters would react if someone were to start flying the Union Jack and demand we erect statues of King George III and generals who fought on the British side of the American Revolution in the United States? The person flying that flag could argue that we need to remember our ancestors who were citizens of the British empire.


We need more statues of King George and possibly a few Benedict Arnold as they are history that we need to remember or some stupid shit.


So do my cats. The female, mind you; the male is…special. In a “dumber than a post, if the post has bugs” kind of way ^^’ . Nonetheless, he’s still a master at obtaining tummy rubs, so it’s all good.


I will just leave this here for people to peruse…


With hunky Bo and Luke standing next to it, the pride flag truly looks better on the General Lee. (Who’s namesake didn’t want reminders of the war anyhow!)


Cars generally have girl names. Or at least so I am told.


since the story doesn’t say whether the teen was a male or female I will refer to them henceforth as ‘the teen’. However I like to think the teen was a female, because that would really have messed with the couple.

The teen was not asked because the teen was black, and the couple wanted validation from someone black, the teen was asked because the teen was 13 and the couple assumed they could browbeat a black teenager into not giving any backtalk.


The state’s rights line is even more of a joke when you read the South Carolina statement of secession from the Union. It is literally a laundry list of complaints about non-slave states that were ignoring the Federal government’s laws about returning escaped slaves.


There is not a more anti-states rights group than the states that seceded from the Union. They were all pissed the non slave states were exercising states rights not to enforce federally based slave laws and that the federal government was allowing them to get away with it.

The southern states loved the federal government as that was the only mechanism they had to enforce their slavery laws in non slave states.


I initially thought of Lucy Parsons (Albert’s wife who is famous in her own right), but I thought that Albert (first a Confederate, then a reconstructionist Republican in the south, then a socialist, before finally becoming an anarchist) was more fitting with the Dukes theme.


it IS, to disrepect the [confederate battle] flag.


Yes. Any brief statement about IQ is going to be oversimplified. I was merely pointing out that saying a 13 year old has a higher IQ than anyone is somewhat of a non-sequitor since the age of the 13 year old is not relevant to their IQ.