$14 Humidity control for at-home cannabis storage

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I’ve had a lot of luck with the 62% RH Boveda packs. In my cvault (think fancy stainless steel Tupperware) that stays closed up air tight 1 pack has lasted since July (although it’s on it’s way out)
My first harvest was a bit too damp when jarred and my second a bit too dry and the pack fixed both problems.
Boxing out m o I s t is really silly and childish guys…for fucks sake.

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Hmm - not a weed smoker but I used to smoke cigars. Sounds like a better cheaper option would be a 50/50 solution of Propylene glycol and distilled water. You can buy a fancy or not so fancy humidifier to fill with the PG and put in your jar, or get like a travel soap box, drill it full of holes, and put the natural floral foam in there soaked with the PG solution.

The Boveda packs are 2 way. They add and remove moisture. No need for a hygrometer
Also the packs are food safe when not opened so they can be put in direct contact with product

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PG solution also keeps a constant humidity. It is food safe as well, IIRC.

Though reading the web page, it says that Boveda is a combination of water and natural salts. In that case, you can also do the salt slurry method - distilled water and salt salt mixed to s slurry consistency.

I am sure JW isn’t pinching pennies, but if he has a DIY streak, or for those who are, there are better, cheaper methods. Its why I bought a gallon of PG for like $10 - a life time supply LOL. But I could spend more on product that way.

…makes me nervous because tripropylene glycol (for brakes or transmissions or something) is oddly poisonous and igE sensitizing, but it sounds like regular 1000-1200 mer PPG is just a bit of plastic with a low vapor pressure. Just one propylene glycol at a time for PG, huh?

Yes but will the pg solution also remove extra humidity? Consistent humidity is great but sometimes you need a little help.

Salt is an explosive metal and a deadly gas. Together it’s fine. Propylene Glycol is not tripropylene glycol (or polyethylene glycol, a laxative). It is used in small doses in the food industry as well as the pharmacy industry. But never mind that, humidors around the world use it to keep a constant humidity. It doesn’t get IN the cigars, and thus wouldn’t get in your weed either (both of which aren’t great for your lungs, but what ever).

Yes, it helps keep a constant humidity level (though IIRC it varies on the temperature). So it will absorb excess moisture, which was an issue with too new of cigars.

Cigar smokers for centuries have been building special boxes to keep cigars fresh and able to store them for long periods. While I confess I don’t know the ins and outs of weed, I can’t conceive the two being that different. I imagine too wet or dry weed is as unfun to smoke as too wet or dry tobacco.


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Here, found this little chart about the various humidifying devices out there. They include Boveda on there, and as you can see, it is drastically more expensive. Though they note that the green foam has poor accuracy, I never had an issue with mine, but I did have to add more of it in when I got a larger humidor, and since I wasn’t in it every day, I didn’t have to refill hardly ever.

Again - just trying to help people save a few bucks so they can buy more cigars. Er, weed, I guess. Or you can buy other things, like more Boba Fetts.

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I think the price may be slightly different, or they haven’t made it clear what size they are using – but I got 10 for $14. At $1.40 per – which tend to last 2-3 months – is just fine by me. I may have 2 jars going at once but its not a meaningful expense compared to ruining weed.

OH I shoulda read the find print on that chart. It is for a large humidor - 24 packets for like 600 cigars. (12 boxes)

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