The Stori is the functional and stylish storage system for the modern-day cannabis user

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I like the idea of this, but this version is too rolly specific. I vape, so I need a bigger area for my pax, and don’t need individual joint holders.

I use a waterproof boating container with a gasket to keep smells in on mine, and use a bunch of of those humidifier packets.


For the fastidious stoner in your life.

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I’ll stick to baggies until the price comes way down.

I got a vintage wood box with an inner tray for next to nothing. Has a handle. Locks. Super solid. It’s not $164. And looked bad ass when I used to take it out socially.

This plastic thing in the OP would be ok if it was under $50… but even at that price you can do better.

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And of course, data on your weed use is collected by the company, who will provide it to anyone who pays them or waves a badge. Don’t like it? Maybe don’t pay over a hundred dollars for jars with an app.


I live in Washington state and our weed is already sold in labeled jars. I can’t imagine tossing those just to input the names into an app. This looks like it was invented by someone who doesn’t smoke but thinks it’s cool.


fixed that for you

Looking at the pics I’m quite sceptical about the “child-resistant lid” bit.

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