15 unique illnesses you can only come down with in German

The US insurance companies don’t want anybody anybody discovering new diseases that lots of people suffer from and which are hard to treat. Why do you think there is such resistance to identifying junk food as addictive and obese people as addicts?

What a wonderful term for “inability to hit the space bar”.


Thanks for that :smiley: I am now feeling Foreign Joy!

We like our spaces between words, not within.


I’m German and haven’t heard of most of these “diseases”.

Only feeding the stereotypes about Germany.

BTW: “Kevinismus” is also known as “Chantalismus” if it’s a girl.

It may make me a monster, but I have sympathy for those that suffer from AbsurdenhumormanmüssezuentwickelnummitdenUmwegüberdieBankenvonAktienFotografienfüreinLebenzusichtenbewältigen.


You have a very weird idea of what constitutes misogyny, fantasy, and misogynistic fantasy. Do you think we’re intended to be delighted by her sadness? (I think there’s a word for that…)

I’m sure that somewhere on Earth there is somebody who’s turned on by melancholy Bavarian girls holding pretzels, but I think it’s enough of a niche market that it’s safe to say it wasn’t what the photographer or Mark had in mind.


Would it make you feel better about this photo if I told you the pretzel contained dimethylpolysiloxane?


Finally, a name for what’s been nagging at me for the past decade. Thanks, German!


I thought that was just existential ennui?

More accurately, 15 German words that sound funny when literally translated but are essentially common illnesses or neuroses known throught the world.

Also, the totty with the pretzel - not helping.


Was ist der deutschen für “Whoosh” , bitte?

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Is there a German word that means “word in a foreign language that perfectly describes some concept that you just realized your own language lacks a word for”?


Torschlusspanik, or “‘gate closing panic’”, what we commonly refer to as a mid-life crisis.

The cure is either to take up an inappropriately younger lover and/or buy an expensive German sports car.

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Google Translate is soo funny.
I asked Google to translate it back (with the spaces):
“the absurd humor that has to cope with surveys, bypassing the banks of shares photographs for a living development.”

Which still makes way too much sense.

My own translation, that I think captures the quality of Google’s German much better:
“The absurd humor that has to a development with a detour over the banks from shares photographs for a life to sight overcome.”

In fact, I think I could actually refer to that particular illness as Bildagenturkundenhumor (stock photo agency customer’s humor). You’d need to add some context the first time you use the word, but you’d never need to explicitly define it.


But that’s TWO words.

I see what you did there!


Also, the English word for fernweh is wanderlust


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