Man in Nazi uniform asked to leave store




I haf vays of leavink ze shop!


Was it one of the costumes they sell that he was trying on?


It is actually quite a sad story. This man clearly has quite severe mental health issues which should be taken into account when considering the upset and outrage he has caused. For more info see his website:


“We had a number of customer complaints…” Zero Complaints, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

/Zero is a number, no?
//If Prince Harry had made compliments about the costume, would that ‘number’ be ‘-1’?


If this was America, I would look for Fox News to express outrage. But they don’t give a shit what happens elsewhere unless it can be used to make Obama look bad.


Does the fact that it was Halloween make things any less bad? Hm…

I mean, you wouldn’t catch me doing my shopping dressed as a member of the KKK, but at least it wasn’t some random weekday.


Shopping in Asda is hell, any time of day or night, so being asked to leave is arguably a blessing in disguise.


Wait, is that his site?


For someone who’s nuts, it’s quite a polished website. Normally, you’d expect these types of sites to look like they’re from 1997.

[Fun Fact: his uniform’s rank is the same as Himmler’s.]


Meanwhile, the local rag has run with the story What’s probably more disturbing are the comments. This is Cambridge, England, home of high brow academia and enlightenment…


yup. See also comment below


Hah! Take THAT, Florida!


Depends. Was is John Barrowman ???

(evil grin)

And just a LITTLE more. . .


I’m sure he’s mentally ill, but something else is going on with him. His fascination with Nazis may be in spite of his sickness.



Too soon?


Say what you will about this guy’s poor choices, and that company being a part of Walmart, but they have a badass logo. It’s metal!


The Nazified logo is NOT the ASDA logo. Where did the snarky one in the posting come from? There seems to be a general snickering here over that fact that it happened in a Walmart affiliate, when it appears they did everything right in asking the guy to leave. If this had happened in a Tesco or a Boots pharmacy, would there even be a story?


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