1800's "Baron Trump" looks enough like Barron Trump, other parallels, foster time traveling theories

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The notion that Trump could be a time traveler is nonsense with no evidence to support it.

The time traveler here is clearly Ingersoll Lockwood.


If Trump had the ability to time travel do you think he’d choose this course for himself?

You should have seen how things turned out the previous 12 times around the cycle; this is the best outcome for him so far. In one attempt, his face was eaten by leopards.


I feel sorry for the kid. He’s named after his father’s fake PR shill, and that’s the least of his problems. I hope he (and Tiffany) find their own path out of this toxic family’s madness and don’t end up as monsters like their oldest three half-siblings.


[…] does *bear a resemblance […]

/call me a pendant


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Came here to say that! Happy to support your efforts.

The January 10 Cleveland Plain Dealer had a misspelling, “impeacment” right in a headline of the Forum section - TWICE (because it continued on an internal page).

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I think maybe Trump’s every subsequent scandal and disgrace is the result of him trying to fix the previous one


I don’t know anything about him but by all accounts it seems like it’s too late for Tiffany.


Barron’s best hope for the future is that his father barely even knows he exists. There doesn’t seem to be much about what he gets up to, all I could find was his football career stats

Not many games and it looks like he has had a yellow card for unsporting behaviour. Normally I wouldn’t read too much into it, but considering his family it is worrying.


That’s my thought and the world failed to heed his warnings.


We should be there for Barron when he starts to, y’know, figure it out.

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Yeah, no amount of time travel could make Trump competent!


I would think he’d go back to 2015 and start over.

Uh oh


an awful pen name. For the longest time we could only send children back. Some of them got bright ideas.

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Personally, I’ve wondered for a while if Trump was a time traveler, not because of any book but because of his beliefs and preferences.

My theory: John Barron was a snake oil salesman and general huckster in the 19th Century. Somehow (perhaps at the Centennial Exposition of 1876), he comes into contact with a time machine which sends him into the 20th Century. Here, he reinvents himself as (or in projected into the body of) Donald J. Trump.

This would explain his outmoded America-first attitudes, general racism, and predilection for technologies such as “clean coal”.

Perhaps he ultimately returns to his time and tells his story to Lockwood.


Then about a third or more of the American population would have to be time travelers too.

Many, MANY people believe what he believes. It’s very much an ideology of the here and now.

We NEED to start taking this seriously.


Me too. One day when I was cursing trump’s name, my son asked me why I didn’t regard him the same way I would any other human. My response was that trump isn’t human in any meaningful sense. He surrendered any capacity for empathy, growth and humility long ago; at least as far back as he became a public figure. However, I do have sympathy for 12 year old donald trump. To be neglected and abused (allegedly!) by his parents and to be taught that love is transactional and the currency is ruthlessness and callousness is a fate I would hope anyone could be allowed to grow out of. Millions of people grow up in far worse circumstances and are subjected to far worse abuse, but manage to find their humanity, many of them dear friends of Mrs Peas and I. But he didn’t. And he’s had ample opportunity. He made choices to become who he is.

Fortunately, Barron hasn’t. He still has a long life ahead of him to evolve into something better than he was shown. Hopefully his father’s self-immolation will aid this as I don’t think there are many who want to be associated with that name anymore. And the world would respect him all the more for it.

Edited to clarify which trump I was referring to in paragraph 1.

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Clearly, Trump is not a Timelord. Everyone knows that to do a proper job exterminating democracy you need to send in the Daleks.

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Calling bullcrap on you boinboing! Pure bullcrap!! Everyone knows Obama is the one with the time machine. That’s how he was able to help the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor, carry out the Bowling Green Massacre, simultaneously be the son of a Kenyan Muslim and Frank Marshall Davis, father children by a biological man, and be responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Study it out! Chessmate libturds!!!


Until Barron Trump comes of age, and starts acting out the douche blueprint that Eric/Don, Jr follow, people really should lay off him.

For all we know, he’ll become a contrarian, “Ron Reagan” type of son.