This old scene from Dune seems strangely prescient now!


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Don’t you have better things to do with your weekend?

Like opening a safe?


Next up. How to turn an apple into a pot pipe.


Over at MetaFilter, they’ve been using [real] and [fake] tags, because this is Poe’s Election.

Just sayin’


It’s a fake. I just checked the Kindle edition, and part of this is drawn from a fight involving Paul Atreides, but some of it is a new invention.

Where’d you find this fraud?

I would find the meme generator to be the more interesting story.


Hey, you’re not the only one. Also - Bernie Halleck and Biden Idaho, swordmasters of the Obamatreides House, would be pleased to see how St. Hillaria of the Knife slew the Trumpkonnen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. Harkonnens hair color is… uh… like this:


… but I know that Dune is fictional. Still, the odds are… eh… odd.

A conspiracy of gingers?


The real reason Hillary was dressed for the 24th century…


[quote=“j9c, post:7, topic:87998”]
A conspiracy of gingers?
[/quote]A confederacy of dunces?


Considering all the unsightly photoshops that have been generated thus far, I am mildly surprised that there is no accompanying, ghastly mashup of Sting and Trump.

Surprised… but pleasantly so.


No, no, no, NO! Begone from my mind, vile image!


I was fine right up until the end. But clearly you can’t kill Trump by stabbing him in the brain. You’d need to damage an organ that’s actually in use.


But it works on zombies!


Much as flamingo feathers are famously naturally colorless but accumulate pink pigment from the shrimp that constitute most of the flamingo’s diet, Trump’s hair benefits from a near-constant intake of Nacho Cheese Doritos.


I understand the intent, but this is just sacrilege.


Oh, @beschizza, you’re too good for the BoingBoing chatterati.


Remember the part when Hillary uses the Clinton family atomics to blow a gap in Trump’s wall and rides all those immigrants into the lobby of the Trump casino? That was awesome.


Dune is the one in which a charismatic character from an aristocratic family leads Muslims on a path that results in their domination of a corrupt empire, isn’t it? There’s even a Wall in it.
It rather supports the Trump narrative.


I would have thought that this election was bad enough already, without needing to invent more of it.


There are limits to even my savagery.