Donald Trump joked about dating his own daughter

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I don’t think it was a joke. It wasn’t funny.


Ironically, the gif you’ve chosen depicts a character who will shortly embark on an inappropriate and abusive relationship with a much older man.

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True, and while Donald & Spike share a disregard for natural hair, at least William the Bloody wasn’t Buffy’s dad*

*if I went to I’d probably find evidence to the contrary


There is definitely Giles/Buffy fanfic out there, which, while not technically straying into this area, skirts worryingly close to it.


Man, he just really keeps on giving. I don’t want this to end!


Okay, I’m throwing this out to the community, asking for your help:

The video evidence of Trump as a sleazy creep goes back decades. There was a great example on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in late 1997, shortly after the death of Princess Diana. (With some Googling, I think it was Nov. 19, 1997, but I can’t find video of the show.)

I don’t remember the exact wording, but it was to this effect: Jay gave Donald an open-ended question about whether he’d had much interaction with Diana, giving an opening for some heartfelt tribute statement, etc.

Instead, Donald gave his own special insight:
“Yeah, it was very sad, because, actually, she was very good looking, and I would’ve liked to have dated her.”

Leno’s eyes darted this way and that as he briefly grasped for a quick way to redirect the conversation, while viewers at home could discern a palpable wave of “ewww,” washing back over the audience.

Video of this must exist somewhere. Can anyone find it? (A lot of Leno’s shows are out on DVD, but, unsurprisingly, this one’s not available.)



Why isn’t this yet another shrug-worthy statement of the filamentous brain slug controlling the guy underneath?

While this is definitely gross, it’s not untrue - look at the type of women that he dates/marries. Melania’s getting a bit long in the tooth, though, it’s about time he traded her in for a model a bit closer to his daughter’s age, isn’t it?


I think it likely was meant as a joke.

The problem is that rich, old, white guys have really shitty senses of humor.


Also, rich old white guys surrounded by sycophantic aides usually have no practice restraining their id.


It seems like there’s some kind of filter setting in Trump’s brain that reinterprets any question pertaining to a woman as “would you hit that?”

I don’t think anyone was really interested in learning Donald Trump’s thoughts on having sex with Rosie O’Donnell, Arianna Huffington, Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, his own daughter, or any number of other prominent women. Yet we have them nonetheless.


And he’s a guy that clearly suffers from arrested development.
He was born into priveledge, never learned humility or empathy. He’s a guy that doesn’t feel fortunate for what this world has given him.
And yea, likely anyone that works for this dumb toad gets fired if they dare to contradict him.
To think that anyone would consider him as a candidate for the president is rather shocking.


So what you’re saying is he’s a model Republican. No wonder he’s surging in the polls for that party.


I just would like to point out that (4) is, for practical purposes, a truth. That (1) and (2) are, to my mind, sound predictions, and, why not? let’s call them true facts. But as for (3), if we insist to call it a truth, it would be of a very different flavor. Not a true fact even if to the author that is a true need.
Am I the only one bothered by the fast and loose rethoric? Probably, the truth is yes.

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If 1 is true, so is 3.

I thought she was Ivanka’s age? Maybe her daughter is too old for him?

Side note: Ivanka has her own shoe line, one that is moderately priced (<$200, I believe) and the line has garnered some decent reviews. I wonder if her dad’s antics have affected the bottom line of her business?

Nah, she’s a full decade older than Ivanka. Though I believe she was just about Ivanka’s current age when they got married.

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