1870s "Femme Fatale" ring pistol shoots tiny bullets


I wonder if this is the ring Ted Nugent used to propose to his first wife.


Maybe Mythbusters will eventually provide the final verdict, but it doesn’t seem like those rounds would have a whole lot of stopping power. Nuisance power maybe?

Meh – I’ve had plenty of women shoot me the finger.




Curiosa : curiosities, rarities; especially : unusual or erotic books

I’ve seen warehouse gun shows advertise curiosa along-side. Wonder whether the word has been “mis-appropriated” into urban/street use, or if it’s just plain used wrong.

Google Image Search the word.

Anybody got the straight dope?

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I suspect that many of those things were novelty items at the time just as much as they are now. Especially at the time that would have been a pretty good accessory if you wanted to show everyone what a femme fatale you were even if it is completely ineffective.

If you want something from the era of steam, here’s a palm gun.

These are hella illegal to own without a license, but I have seen them exhibited.


Place cylinder in attacker’s ear. Pull trigger. Extremely loud and incredibly close. Sort of like a palm clap to the ear, only much more so. (Certainly many, probably most, would have been sold as novelties.)

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I can’t imagine it could even penetrate clothing without breaking the finger attached.

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Probably most useful as a noise maker with blanks

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Whatever damage this thing might do to another person, your finger would get unpleasantly hot.

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Maybe combine it with a poison ring?

Specifically, that’s a pepperbox revolver.


That auction was in, what, 2006. I expect reports of vintage firearm curiosa of unknown provenance to be up-to-the-minute.


IIRC, Snow White wore one of those to keep the dwarves in line.


Careful rubbing the eyes when armed or in this case, ‘fingered’?

I was thinking along those lines, too. Others say it’s just a novelty, but I doubt this ring was designed to be fired at a target, it was designed to be fired into a target, i.e. you lock eyes with your victim, pull him toward you into an embrace, fold down the trigger, run your hand through his hair, press the ring into his temple, and blammo. the absence of a barrel and the extremely low caliber point to this type of usage, anyway.

but, all in all, the novelty value cannot be dismissed, since you might as well stab the motherfucker. I saw a female former secret agent on TV once. she said that when she had to kill someone, she did the above maneuver but at the last moment, she pulled and unfolded a long, thin picnic-type of blade and then right into the neck, which she demonstrated to the interviewer while locking eyes with him. everything the same as the pistol-ring scenario, plus silence; a huge benefit, especially to a field agent.

she was pretty cool.

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Maybe you’re right…

But according to Snopes it’s a myth that Snow White used one of these (or her six shih-tzus) to keep ‘The Guys’ in line.

To ensure their compliance, she used sex appeal and well placed slaps to the rump & face – but her most effective lever was the potential of docked paychecks. I’ve had similar managers…“Some things never change…”

“fruit knife”

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