1893 solution to bicycle-chasing dogs

Don’t know what to tell you. It was a smaller dog, around 20-25lbs and I was on a mountain bike. Hand to god, that’s what happened. I guess I had enough speed to keep upright. People off road bikes with bumps and logs that size and keep upright.

Thanks, that’s hilarious! :slight_smile:

I hit a young Husky (probably 8 months old) once on my mountain bike, but I didn’t run it over. The pup jumped right in front of my wheel path just as I was passing, giving me no opportunity to avoid it, and the impact made me crash. The owner, of course, blamed me, not his poor leash skills. The dog was unharmed, I was scraped and bruised. I don’t doubt it’s possible to run over a small to medium size dog that’s just laying there, though.

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Choice abounds.

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My dad told me he used to carry a water gun filled with lemmon Juice; He’d aim at the eye of the chasing dog. An alternative is to turn back and chas the dog away

Might work, when you aim at dog’s eyes.

The regular models typically have exposed hammer (see the pretty rat-trap illustration) that can snag on clothes. Some of the velodogs have folding trigger, the barrel tends to be pretty short (in a tradeoff of ease of manipulation vs power/accuracy), and the hammer mechanism is usually designed with extra care to avoid accidental discharge. The design tradeoff sweet spot is a little different for the “pedestrian” models.

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