1940s women use bizarre robotic exercise equipment


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It’s probably a fair amount of work standing steady and appearing comfortable for the camera while the kneading/rolling press is churning away.


That must be a clattering, noisy exercise room.
Cue “Powerhouse!”


Only the little people actually do work to get exercise.


Plus ça change…


Let me guess. All those machines were designed by men?


Hey don’t you remember those machines that used to appear in cartoons, with a vibrating waist belt? They must have been a thing, or else how did Bugs know about them?

EDIT: This thing!


They still sell those in my local Asian mall.

And they are as useful as paperweight.


Men that had a fetish for watching women get abused by springs and conveyor belts.

I’d be interested in reading up on how this stuff was viewed by people when it was new, and how widely used it became. And what they thought about it 10 years later when the fad had passed on.



I use my TM-502 Multi-Function Slimming Instrument on my wife every day and swear by it.


I’m pretty sure the nubbly rotating barrel thing is actually an early precursor of the Sybian.


Not unlike foam rollers, which do apparently have a benefit, according to at least my sports med doctor.


The Depilator!


You’ve misinterpreted this. The women are helping the robots exercise, and by the looks of things those are going to be some pretty buff androids.


We had one when I was growing up in the 60s. My friends and I found lots of use for it, but not as an exercise machine, Hook a rope to the high-torque motor in place of the belt and you can do all kinds of hilarious-to-a-10-year-old things.


At least those things look safe…
Now, the 1950s Relax a Cizor is a bit more interesting.
My friend’s mom had one that we found in the attic on a rainy day. It is an electrical stimulator like a tens unit except it had a couple vacuum tubes and could be cranked up to levels that induced tears.
We immediately turned it into a challenge “game”.
There were pads for every conceivable body part – if the pads were tight, you just got muscle spasms (very intense ones when cranked up high), however, if they were a wee bit loose, one received a very intense burning sensation.


And in heels.


I’m pretty sure that this was the 1940s version of a softcore porn loop.


You give every indication of being a perfectly demented child, damn shame we didn’t know each other.