A 1930 news reel about a nutty weight loss contraption, starring Pesco's grandmother


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Depends on who you ask…

Fat’s Waller

Or Louis Prima



More! More!


My grandmother had TWO of the belt-around-the-abdomen shaking machines in the garage when I was a preteen - we were so very very confused as to what it was used for. :slight_smile:


If the “back massager” incidents have taught us anything, it’s don’t pull at that thread…


I would buy one at the jumble sale in a heartbeat.

Which is why I am not allowed to go to the jumble sale. Or the dump.


You know, they like them thin!

There’s a saying about this: “Only a dog likes bones.”


I find myself transfixed by the high trousers and the correspondingly short tie.


Really? I was just diggin them chicks!


Or, more succinctly, “body shaming”.


I hear you, brother.


I was lucky that all my gransparents were alive into my 30s but ever now and then I still find some odd bit about them that I didnt know. Thanks for sharing this!

Perhaps thats not the only reason?

I mean surely I cant be the only one with a restraining order in two states in this regard…


A whole bunch of exercisers, posture improvers and whatnot to be found here:

Be forewarned this site may have semi/NSFW links or images.


What a precious video to have of one’s relative, I certainly get a kick out of watching my family’s old 8 mm films.

And the presenter reminds me of Gordon Cole but maybe I’m just a little too excited about Twin Peaks…


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