1987 animated short brings a wire spool to life

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Just saying; there might be a reason there’s so much old Soviet Russian content on freely available youtube these days.

Strikes me that Soviet censorship must have been slacker by the late 80s.

Censorship in the Soviet union ebbed and flowed…

Because it’s a country that doesn’t exist anymore and they had some interesting stuff worth seeing from their culture?

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Because it’s a country that doesn’t exist anymore, which again is why Putin is on his second or third war (depending on how you count) trying to take back territory lost when that country collapsed.
Russian online propaganda take many forms, but one of them is to inspire nostalgia in those old enough to remember the union. Cultivating a sense of ambivalence in ethnic Russians living in the former Soviet republics is key to Putin’s longer term strategy. As has been pointed out here on the BB forums before, Mosfilm released a huge chunk of their back catalogue for free online just when the sanctions started to bite, something I refuse to think is a coincidence.

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