$1m judgment against NYPD cop who barged into house and yelled racial slurs

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Gee, I wonder who he’s voting for in the election?


i dont blame the NYPD itself…I blame the officers union. Of all the job fields that should have a strong union for representation…police officers is literally dead last on the list. Get rid of qualified immunity and the police unions…and you will see police forces/departments take quicker and more severe action against their own.


when the prime directive of the union is to keep someone on the job no matter what the circumstances, it’s broken. somewhere in this universe doing the right thing must matter, right? i need to think that.


Honestly if that were their mission I’d at least say they are unioning. But do police unions stick up for trans women cops who are harassed by their superiors? I can find cases of them sticking up for the superiors instead. Do police unions protect officers who try to stop other cops from being violent and racist? In some cases they have definitely told them to close ranks or suffer the consequences.

The problem isn’t that the unions are trying to protect their workers. The problem is that at least some of the unions, at least some of the time* actively favour the bigoted workers over the others.

* This overly cautious language sticks to easily documented fact. In my mind on the balance of probabilities you can replace this with, “most of them, all of the time”


I agree. And that’s why I blame the union itself because THEY should not be protecting this asshole. Understand the absolute power the police unions have in their districts, cities, etc.

it’s sickening



good points, all.


I assume that this means he’ll be paying like $1,666 /mo for the rest of his life, assuming he (optimistically) lives for 50 more years? I wonder how this gets split up, because I can’t imagine how to pay back that much to anybody. Does interest grow on the debt during that time? I assume you can’t just declare bankruptcy to get out of paying a court judgement.

This asshole 100% percent deserves to pay them. I wonder if the victims can sign up for one of those lump-sum services for like 500k where a law firm takes over just steadily collecting the money over the long-term. Also, do the victims have to pay income tax on the restitution?


I feel a psychic moment coming on. I predict that the cop will never pay a penny even though he will probably be hired by another PD or “security company” very soon. There are vague inklings of his being hailed as one of the “good people” by some politician, possibly an oddly orange one, but that is still rather vague.


Sounds like a fair verdict.


I don’t understand the damages, I’m not familiar with civil suits. Do penny less and incarcerated criminals usually not get sued because no one will get any money? Is the difference because this guy had earning potential so it makes a suit more reasonable?

An effective first step in defunding the Police might be defunding their unions.


I guess the trouble was that we didn’t have any self-admitted proletarians, Everyone was a temporarily embarrassed capitalist. --John Steinbeck

To properly punish a capitalist, the fees and judgments should be high enough to sting. And if the target is, like the vast majority, temporally embarrassed? Well, that’s on him.

Temporally embarrassed is a wonderful term. I gather that a number of current cops are actually just temporally embarrassed plantation overseers.


That million dollar judgement will follow him. Yes, he will have his wages garnished for payments if he refuses to pay - as the lawyer says, they are not done with him. And bankruptcy does not wipe out this kind of legal judgement. And this will probably prevent him from ever getting another mortgage. It will have big effects on his life. As it should.

We can’t have white supremacist cops breaking into people’s houses in the night and threatening to kill them, can we? If we don’t teach them that they will pay for this for the rest of their lives, they’ll just keep doing it. Now let’s start working on stopping them from doing it while on duty.


I’m an outsider of the US and don’t know what the usual punishments would be for a racist that perpetrated this vile act.

From what I’ve seen in the media with cops physically, violently attacking and killing people of color with little or no penalty and no public transparency by police… Is this guy their sacrificial lamb? An idiot that they don’t need so they can throw him out to the crowd for the politics of being seen to do the right thing?

We wont give you the worst of the worst for punishment because we need them to to kick heads again?

Awww… just look at that sad face. It almost tugs at my heart-strings.

Two years… gods…
Too bad fines imposed by the courts don’t come directly out of the coffers of the police unions’ retirement funds as well as out of the guily cops’ pocket. Some might argue that this would be a form of Double Jeopardy. I view it as a case of the union being guilty of Aiding and Abetting, and being punished, accordingly.
As far as NYPD is concerned, it looks like it is (and has been) rotten to the core. Not that this is unique to NYPD; this seems to be due to the relative impunity with which police organizations of all stripes operate.
The Prison Industrial Complex in this country needs to be broken. Nothing will change, otherwise.

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