2,885 Covid deaths reported Wednesday, America's worst day yet

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At the World Trade Center, 2,763 died after the two planes slammed into the twin towers. That figure includes 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 New York City police officers and 37 Port Authority police officers who were struggling to complete an evacuation of the buildings and save the office workers trapped on higher floors.

More people have died wednesday from that virus than at that terrorist attack.


Just wait. The turkey-day numbers haven’t even hit yet.




I remember when the death toll was being couched as “a 9-11 every week” and then “a 9-11 every two days” - soon it’ll be, “X number of 9-11s every day.” When all this is over (fingers crossed that’s possible), we’ll be counting in multiples of 1918 flu pandemic deaths, or deaths from all US wars.

Yeah, exactly. This is just the regular growth curve of infections. In about a week or so we’ll start seeing the impact of the nationwide super-spreader event that was Thanksgiving (and then deaths just before Xmas), and then the new curve based on that increased number. (Hopefully it’ll happen in time to discourage people from having Xmas super-spreaders event, too. I’m not counting on it, though.) Meanwhile rural states/areas still aren’t taking it seriously, so we’re going to get to see the death rate hit undeveloped nation levels in much of the US.


My guess is that the US will have a 7-day average of 275,000 new infections daily by the middle of December. The death toll will hit a 7-day average of 3,000 persons daily from Covid-19 alone by Xmas, plus the rise in excess deaths of people with other diseases and from accidents not being able to get treatment in overwhelmed Emergency Departments and ICUs.


Good luck to all of you American BBers. You, unfortunately, are going to need it.


This seems quite optimistic. Like wildly optimistic, given that we’re already almost at that point. (The daily deaths from covid this week were all close to this new record.) Thanksgiving, as a nation-wide super-spread event, could end up multiplying the cases. Since ICUs across the country are at or near capacity, all these new cases aren’t going to get much or any care, so the death rate will also multiply. (Apparently Mexico, after their health care system got overwhelmed, saw a death rate close to 10%, with a significant number of “healthy” young people dying.) I imagine it’ll be much, much worse just before Xmas, when the Thanksgiving deaths finally hit.


I hope that one of the first things that Joe Biden does this put together a day of mourning- it’s long overdue


I would love to argue against your points, but those are what i am expecting as well. A cold and grim winter lies before us. :cry:


Yeah, I’m looking at all but the most dire predictions at this point and thinking they’re optimistic. But, hell, the dire predictions are probably optimistic, too, because there’s this cycle of:
“Wow, looks like things are going to be bad.”
Reality: [evil chuckle] “Hold my beer.”

It’s making me a bit crazy as I’m just not sure how to deal with this, how to stay safe. I’m already doing everything I can think of, but I’m also feeling like it’s not enough (or won’t be, in a month or two).


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