20 ways to describe Pantone's color of the year


Lord this is one puke color. I also frequent the Houzz site which has a lot of designers as part of their community and they almost universally hate the color.

I’m having a really hard time mustering anything even vaguely resembling outrage over what is, in the end, just a color.


You have my synæsthesia.

There are no intrinsically bad colors.

“Give me mud and I will paint with it the skin of Venus if I may surround it as I will.”

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Here’s the Houzz discussion:


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Yeah… I also have a hard time figuring out why anyone cares that pantone picked a favorite color. The longer this story stays aloft, the more it feels like cool kids picking on the geek.


Funny how this bit of innocuous special-interest non-news goes around every single year but only this time people seem to really, really care. Showing their true colors, as it were.


I wonder how much industries really follow the Pantone trends. Were these colors actually seen everywhere in each year? And is that Facebook blue?

(Also, it seems my logo/avatar is looking a bit unfashionable there. Five years dated, to be more precise.)

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Speaking of which, I think they’re behind the times. I seem to recall women everywhere wearing that awful tangerine color 6-7 years back.

I do know that it’s…important(?) to some in the design world. A friend who does interior design on hotels actually just mentioned this to me the other day, because I remember my answer: “A color of the year? WTF?”

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I have a toe in the design world, so I notice design trends, and do pay attention to Pantone just to be aware.

The industry I think responds the most is fashion. Like Emerald was the god-awfullest color but damned if you did not see it all over the stores the moment it came out.

The Tangerine Tango one has been more long lasting; think orange in general has been trendy for the past decade.

The also do colors each season, so the ones above are not all the ones they came out with. Here’s the whole Spring color report for 2015.


Great answers, thank you. I’m kind of a graphic design dropout (turned to commercial filmmaking) so I do pay attention, and can’t say I’ve ever seen much influence of these yearly color trends in print, web, product or motion design for instance. More of a fashion/ interior decoration thing, it seems?

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I used to have a housemate, a wine drunk. She puked this color.


This color literally brought very unpleasant memories back for me that I´d rather leave buried. They have to do with way too much red wine, white linen and never getting invited to a party at that person´s house again.


Had been meaning to ask how you’d gotten that nickname.

“The color of a Linux dweeb’s desktop.”

Hey, I like SimpleHuman! Oh, wait, that’s a different color pinkish brownish.

Never mind, no linux dweebs around here, no sir no sir.

It’s kind of the color of the upholstery on my grandmother’s living room furniture from the 1940s or '50s.

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