$200 Street Fighter II selvedge denim jeans

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The lesson here is that you too can charge a 500% markup over retail jeans if you sew the sign of an fictional crime organization onto it.

I assume Capcom is getting in on some of this sweet nostalgia money. If not, let me know how the lawsuit pans out.



I’m not shoryuken expect

The reason for this post, and a good one.


Am evil dictator runs a country, but makes time to have a crime syndicate on the side? How does he do that - save time by tweeting a lot?



My apologies for the cynicism in advance, but as someone that’s pretty familiar with the Street Fighter/FGC scene, these will fly off the shelves. Not because they’re especially cool, or stylish, but because this group of people has a ridiculous penchant for spending hundreds of dollars on trinkets, figurines and silly clothes It’s a pretty extreme generalization, but I haven’t met a group of people so fiscally irresponsible.

But do they have the gusseted crotch of Kicking Jeans!™?

I bet they eat avocado toast!

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Silly game stuff for that amount of money, no thanks. On the other hand, this belt buckle…

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Sounds like something from a William Gibson book.

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