Jeans "designed" by tigers and lions


My cousin-in-law (or whatever) tried to market gangster jeans, shot full of bullet holes with his sideways 9mm. The spent casings were then somehow attached to the garment. I believe there was some graffiti, also.

Don’t believe he ever sold a pair but I’m not gonna go off half cocked underestimating stupid.


I was making fun of my niece whose jeans appeared to be distressed with a fork or perhaps a cat claw.

This turned into a comedy bit about a sweat shop utilizing cats to distress jeans.

“Meow meow meow.”

“No you only work 8 hour. You have 2 more hour to work. No break for you! Bad kitty! You scratch jeans or no tuna for you!”

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Seems like a great way for zoos to raise a bit more funds while giving toys for the animals to play with.


Well somebody has to be outraged, so I am outraged at this exploitation of nonhuman animals for profit!

I’m outraged that you are unjustly excluding animals from expressing their creativity and entering the textile industry, which is still very much a (hu)man’s world.

That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the post. It seems someone out there is always trying to make a run at selling similar products. (The spent casings sound like a new angle, though.)

Step 1: Wrap nice new jeans around tires. Step 2: Throw it to the cats. Step 3: Sell the remains.
Looks like Step 1 is actually “wrap nice new denim fabric around tires” and Step 3 is “make jeans of the remains.”

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