2015 anniversary badges missing


So you know, I appear to have been awarded an anniversary citation for 2014, 2016, and 2017. What happened to the one for 2015? Very odd!

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Did you take a break in 2015? If not maybe the @discourse folks need to have a look (they made that change).


Nope. I’ve been here nonstop since the beginning of this version of the BBS (and before, but that’s not germane to the situation here).


what @chgoliz said.


Calling @discourse / @techAPJ for help!


Same here.


I got 2015—however, I joined Dec 17, 2014, so there isn’t any gap (i.e., 2015 is my first)


Hey, you (@orenwolf) split that while I was typing. And then somehow it made a reply to myself, with the same post I’m supposedly replying to. Weird.


same here, i have the badge for 2014 and 2016 but not 2015.


Could be a bug, @eviltrout will have to take a look.

My account is missing 2015 as well…


I was going to check the SQL but the admin isn’t showing it (at least on mobile).

Maybe 2015 was a worse year than I remember…


I flat out deny that 2015 occurred at all.


Just more proof of the phantom time hypothesis. Can we get a ‘lived through the 19A0s’ badge


We could, but it would probably only go to @beschizza :wink:


That year did not actually happen.

EDIT: Man am I behind on this!


Still stuck in 2015, man!


It’s a bug in the algorithm I used to retroactively award it. I see what I messed up and will try to fix it now.


Okay I’ve deployed a fix. When I backfilled the missing badges I worked backwards from today. I should have worked forwards from when the first badge was created.

I have a new once off job which fixes this. After it’s deployed everything should be fixed up properly in the background.


Thanks, @eviltrout!

As an aside, any idea why, if you look at @TobinL’s screenshot above, his badges were granted in different months? Wouldn’t they all happen on the same day each year? Or was that part of this issue?


Yes that was exactly it. I was counting backwards from when the fix was deployed (Apr 28ish), until I couldn’t award one because it has been less than a year. Now all the dates should be the same.