2020 Presidential Candidates Thread

Biden’s allies want Sanders to stop running due to COVID-19 and other factors. Or as this person more succinctly puts it:


So Biden hasn’t even won and he’s already reaching across the aisle. Ugh.


The only reason the next president (whoever that ends up being) should be reaching across to aisle to Trump is to slap handcuffs on him.


…but that’s fairly academic. Biden will lose.


I’d long thought so, but these days, I now think anything could happen. Very few possibilities would surprise me.


2020 Choices:

  • Fearmongering Megalomania
  • Lecherous Dementia.



I’m pretty sure you mean:

  • Openly Corrupt Fearmomgering Megalomania Lecherous Dementia
  • Lecherous Dementia

It’s not an exciting distinction, but it’s still a distinction.


I’m pretty sure you mean:

  • Openly Corrupt Fearmomgering Megalomania
    Catastrophic incompetence
    Lecherous Dementia
  • Openly Corrupt
    Moderately competent advisers
    Lecherous Dementia

Sill a distinction, though.


Please, Biden is clearly thinly veiled corruption at its finest. But that’s also clearly not the point of what I was saying.


I think it was to lecture him on what he is doing wrong with the pandemic. That’s actually a political win-win for Biden: either Trump takes his advice, which looks good for Biden, or Trump eschews it, which gives Biden attack fodder for the general election.

Somebody’s forgotten Rule #1 when dealing with the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.


Meh. Biden has been around a very very long time; he’s not by any means a good leader or policymaker, but his ability to survive with face intact is pretty good. He’s been written off more often than Trump business ventures, yet here he is.

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“here” being somewhere between “out of the loop” and “no longer relevant”

this is the problem with running for president when you don’t currently have a newsworthy job



“Here” being quite recently having served two terms as an active Vice President, and now with a commanding lead for the Democratic nomination, having beaten out an extensive field.

Biden donors

Who the fuck cares about what Biden donors “privately float”? The best guess of what a Biden cabinet will look like is that it will look essentially like Obama’s cabinet.

Again, that’s not what polling suggests. I know it’s an article of faith for many Sanders supporters that only Bernie can win against Trump, but this is not borne out by polls.


surprise surprise


There are many reasons why Bernie should stick out the primaries (despite the calls of some unnamed Biden supporters), but one is that this is a chance, once and for all, for the “both parties are the same” voters on the left to prove that they have enough political strength to be worth listening to. Even if Sanders doesn’t win, a good showing will tell Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party that they must pander to them as well as to the center. If they don’t show up, then there is no reason to believe that the narrative of untapped pools of Sanders voters waiting to support him against Trump has any basis in fact.

More concretely, if Sanders does OK in the rest of the primaries, Biden might choose a progressive running mate, a Stacy Abrams or Elizabeth Warren (or someone else, but still to his left). If not, he might decide there is more to gain by courting suburban Republican women with a Kamala Harris or an Amy Klobuchar. And he would probably be right.


Heather Cox Richardson nails it:

The New York Times editorial board echoed Ginsburg, warning that what is happening in Wisconsin, where Republicans are trying to use the pandemic to steal an election, could happen nationally in 2020. This is why Democrats tried to get robust election funding in the $2.2 trillion coronavirus bill to bolster mail-in ballots, and why Trump said: “The things they had in there were crazy, they had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to, you would never have another Republican elected in this country again.”


Milwaukee, WI this morning, at one of the city’s 5 total polling places (it normally has 180).

Republicans are killing people again.