24 hours of the BBC's Radio Four, in four minutes


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I’m more of a Radio 4 Extra guy myself.


Needs more Shipping Forecast.


And at least two pips


Of all the things in the world to take the piss about… Radio 4? Really? In Our Times is the only goddamn radio program worth catching up with, and this twat tries to turn it into a bad joke about “people who never had sex”…?

In this video: tired material that unsurprisingly nobody wants to pay for.


BBC4 is the sacred cow of broadcasting and should be respected at all times. As should all the things that I like!
Jake Yapp is an absolute twat to talk about anything I like, especially when he’s being lighthearted about it. TWAT.


No, but it’s unique in the UK landscape and arguably worldwide. Even something as apparently-silly as The Archers carries more quality than 99% of the rest of radio broadcasting, so if you want to belittle it, you better have a very good angle, certainly better than “durr-durr, squares never had sex, amirite!”. To me, in this case, Yapp comes off as mean-spirited rather than light-hearted, with very bad jokes throughout, hence the reaction.


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