270 doctors ask Spotify to classify Joe Rogan as a misinformation source

The first person I called about the vaccine was my cardiologist, he’s well respected, one of the top in the country. He said get the vaccine. I called when the boosters came out, he said get the vaccine.

But… I wonder what I would have done if he said something like the doctor in your reply. He saved my life once from a should be dead full cardiac arrest heart attack and he’s been keeping me upright for 10 years, placing several stents and managing my care.

I have a lot of trust in him much like other patients trust their doctors. I’m really not sure what I would have done if he said don’t get vaccinated. I would have questioned him but ultimately I trust him.

Odd situation some people are put in and it sucks that doctors are playing with their patients lives.


Yeah, I get that. I suspect the folks most likely to take that bad advice are ones who are already vax-skeptical and just need a reason to say no.



The other cast members have said, for a long time now, that he was genuinely like that. And his conspiracy shit was the inspiration for the character.


Interesting. I’d read that the conspiracy stuff (Tubalcain!) was developed by Rogan and the show-runner as an outgrowth of the character’s paranoid and jealous suspicion of corporate consumer goods companies (which is why he was always building his own kludgy Garelli alternatives). I love the show and would appreciate links to the interviews with the other cast members about his off-camera conspiracy mongering.

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It’s been years since I read any. Just remember Foley mentioning it more than once, a few of the others as well.

It was back when he was on Fear Factor, long before he was Dude Bro Alex Jones.

Rogan’s stand up has also pretty much always been about this sort of thing.

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I enjoyed this: Tim's Message to Joe Rogan (Best of Office Hours) - YouTube

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I did enjoy the use of that in Death to 2021.


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