277 bodies found under UK tram line


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I was expecting a hey we found where the mob has been hiding the bodies kind of thing.


277 bodies found under UK tram line

They really need to think about installing a pedestrian crossing at that location.


277 bodies doesn’t sound very exciting for a grave yard. There were bodies found under the QV site in Melbourne when it was redeveloped from a hospital into a shopping centre. Melbourne hasn’t been here as long as Manchester yet we lost track of a lot of things.


“Did you hear about the plane that crashed into a cemetery? They’ve dug up a thousand bodies already and are still finding more.”



So, the UK has a much larger upskirt problem than Japan?


You… you didn’t move the bodies? You only moved the headstones!?


That linked article from london (near my flat, but nevermind): we don’t know why the plague stopped killing so many londoners, so we’ve decided to unearth a bunch of plague to find out! What could possibly go wrong?


This certainly doesn’t at all sound like the first 15 minutes of a zombie apocalypse movie.


The bodies disintegrate within a few hundred years, but those gravestones make useful building material, and they were basically just cluttering up the place.


Yeah, “277 bodies found in graveyard” is a much less exciting story.


At this point, the bodies belong to the earth.

When the City of St. Louis decided to convert the Old St. Marcus Cemetery into a park, basically by clearing out the gravestones, it caused quite a controversy despite the fact that the cemetery had been ignored, overgrown, neglected, and vandalized for years. Many grave markers which were still in place and intact were lost in the weeds. In the end, the City went half-way, leaving some of the larger, more prominent stones intact and creating a memorial “walking park”.

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