Hundreds of skeletons found under supermarket


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Workers did not “stumble on corpses while renovating”, archeologists found these corpses while cheking for archeologicals remains before allowing workers to do the renovation, as required by law…

“Breaking news” edit : thanks to the same law, an exceptional celtic tomb just got unearthed : link only in french for now, sorry



Cleanup in aisle dead!

“What’s surprising is the bodies were not thrown in (the graves) but
were carefully placed there in an organized manner. The individuals,
men, women, and children, were placed head-to-toe,” to fit as many as
possible in the grave

I am surprised that he is surprised. Isn’t this what normal people would do, ie, unless they were in a Monty Python film?


Well, it might be different in times of plague or genocide. Mass graves are pretty rare other times, I would imagine.

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