$3,300 solid gold iPhone


Godfather 2: gift from ITT to Batista.

If it’s solid gold, how does it work?


I hate to be pedantic (ok, that’s a lie), but it’s not really “solid gold” if it’s only gold-plated, is it? :wink:


You’re thinking of ‘massive’.

It’s that trick language that jewelers use. Like, “Oh, our pound has only 12 ounces. You didn’t know that?”

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At least in 12 months when it won’t run properly on the latest version of iOS you’ll be able to say your phone is gold bricked!


Forgot to add “disposable” to the description.

Hey they come unlocked. That’s convenient!

It’ll look great covered in a Otter case.


except in jeweler speak, none of the parts could be plated then, because plated != solid. they’d have to be milled or cast.

more likely this title was blogger/reporter speak for meh…facts aren’t as important as a cool sounding title.
yep just clicked through and the site clearly says “Gold Plated” nowhere does it say solid gold.


It’s plated with a thin veneer of solid gold.


I was just holding an iPhone 5 case in my hand earlier today. It felt like less than an ounce (barely), but if it were made of 24k gold it would have been more than an ounce. Perhaps 3 ounces. That would be about $4000 worth of gold right there.

It also would have been a lot of fun to make, as the case is milled from a solid chunk of aluminum and has plastic insulators molded into it to separate the antenna end pieces (those small black lines you see in the top and bottom of each side).

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Pimp that rahhhhhhhd!

Are there any metals or alloys less tasteful than ‘rose gold’ in the wild? If so, I’ve never met them.

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Don’t know if it strictly counts but Mercury(II) thiocyanate - Hg(SCN)2) is pretty weird when you light it:


To jump on the “it’s obviously not SOLID gold” bandwagon… Solid 24k in the thicknesses of your standard Iphone5 case would be incredibly weak. You’d have to mill out a much beefier case (and presumably much much heavier due to increased weight/volume as well as overall volume) simply to compensate for a much weaker metal being used.

sod Gold, everyone in Saudi Arabia probably has one. The true cachet is obtained by owning a depleted uranium iPhone.

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Its an iPhone… I’ll pass, thanks.

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Too bad Apple doesn’t make/sell these. I’d like to see a long line of servants, in their tuxes and white gloves, camping in line the night before the next version is released.