30 things veteran game designer Brian Upton hates about your pitch


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/02/30-things-veteran-game-designe.html


Hate a strong emotion.


So in other words, act as if you’ve worked a day in your life?




“I know your character will be able to open a door” - wait, I thought this guy was supposed to be experienced?

Kidding aside, that was pretty interesting.


This is great! Cut it down to 5 minutes and you’ve got a classic Brian Posehn rant. :slight_smile:

Kind of sad that a lot of his advice is basically some version of Wheaton’s Law… #23, “you seem like you’d be a huge pain in the ass to work with”, #24, “you expect me to know who you are”, #26, “we’re watching the pitch on your phone”, #28, “You’re hungover, or drunk, or high”, and of course, #30, “you need to take a shower.” Yikes.


My wife’s response to these points was, “This is how you can tell that the target audience for this talk is mostly dudes.”


This applies not just to game pitches, but also to many other situations in which you are presenting proposals. Well worth to watch.


Love the Sean Spicer photo accompanying #25 “You’re annoyed that I’m asking questions”


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