300 fans dressed as their favorite Avengers at Disneyland today


Did dressing up guarantee free admission? That’s the only reason I’d willingly subject myself to spending the day hearing, “Wow, Thor has really let himself go.” Of course given my choice I’d be Namor of Atlantis, Prince of the Deep, but, well, then I’d have to hear, “Wow, Spock has really let himself go. And why is he only wearing a Speedo?”


Say whatever you want, not even Thor can be better than Tony Stark.

…also, who needs the Tesseract, that large delta bomber in Captain America could so be built using a conventional atomic pile. See the nuclear bomber projects in 50’s.

edit: the bigger half of the fun of the movies is figuring out how to design the stuff, at least the part that’d actually have chance to work with contemporary tech.

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I tried to go to Six Flags dressed as Doctor Manhattan once but I ended up getting arrested as a sex offender.

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Geez, Jon, you could at least have put on the double-breasted suit.

You could have avoided that problem if only you’d gone as Doc Savage. Or maybe not.

Hmm…Because in the experience of some friends of mine, Disney sometimes has a PROBLEM with people coming into the park in costumes…I believe that their fear is that a guest will DO something and the park will be blamed because others will assume that it was a park employee…

I recall that Boing Boing meet-up… I went as Rorschach.


Next panel: “Rorschach. Possible homosexual. Must investigate further.”

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I call fake. You can tell some of them are just people dressed as supers.

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One of the park attendants had to talk to him for half an hour to get him to let go of himself.

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If nobody’s there dressed as Steed or Mrs. Peel, I’ll be disappointed.


…also, the tri-wing jetocopter shown in the Captain America movie was real, albeit it did not reach a complete prototype stage yet when the R&D facilities were captured.

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I’m missing something.
If they’re fans of 300, why are they dressed as the Avengers?


You don’t like genre crossing?
Just imagine Thor yelling “THIS IS ASGA…err…SPARTAAA!”

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