3D animal print undies with ears


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Do they have one of Mr. Snuffleupagus? I need underwear that reflects the fact nobody else can see my junk.


For those wondering why the middle picture has no ears: the ears appear to be a decoration on the back only for some reason.

I am disappoint that there are no male versions of this.

After all, now that (animal face) codpieces are back in fashion, it’s high time that we move past your basic “my genitals are so nice and big” codpiece and start reviving the tradition of codpiece bling.

Sadly, tights, pouffy sleeves, and pointy shoes have not made a reappearance in male fashion as yet.


When Harry Connick Jr. in “Copycat” was asking for Sigourney Weaver’s squirrel covers…is that what he was talking about?



If I buy one of these for the Mrs. should I send my hospital bill to Rob or will he pay them directly?


I thought the headline said “3D Printed Animal Undies With Ears.”

I wasn’t sure how that would work. Would you have to sit in the printer while it’s working?


That last one reminds me of a chest burster … Maybe we can do a product tie in with that new Aliens flick


That last one appears to be President Taft! The greatest American president to date, at least by volume.


97% polyester/3% cotton
Environmental friendly printing without bad smelling,un-faded
Made of polyester but the line is made of cotton, so cute and comfortable.

That seems like an awful lot of polyester for undies.


You just strap the animal to the printer and it prints the underwear directly onto them.


“No, baby, I got them for you because you like to pork!”




First snouts. Then ears. What body parts are next? Soon we’ll have whole hog briefs.


Um… all underwear is 3D.


Damn it! Now you’ve got me considering A Square’s clothing and underwear.


The squirrel one seems more suited to male underwear since his cheeks will look full of nuts for winter. :neutral_face:


According to Brian Henson, it was something of a rite of passage for Sesame Street crew to have sex inside Mr Snuffleupagus during the Christmas party. :slight_smile:



{Muppeteers get back from vacation, climb in to Snuffleupagus}



Thanks soooooooo much for making me look this one up:

Placing your scrotum on someones nose, then laying your penis down their face. After doing this wake them up and say, “Say good morning to Snuffleupagus.” Used to entertain at parties shindigs and bah-mitzvahs. Similair to being red-rodgered, polynesian headphoned, or arabian goggled.
While he was sleeping I snuffleupagused my friend.
or, more accurately.
…ex-friend, but hey it was funny as fuck right?