4 years in jail for Capitol Hill rioter who beat cops with flagpole

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“I take full responsibility for my actions,” Stager told the court. “I messed up.”

As that “Previously” notes, more lies from yet another fascist.


I’m sure not a single one of these fucks has ever taken full responsibility of their actions. No leniency for them, please.


“I messed up.” This is what you say to your mom when you forget to mow the side yard. This is not what you say when you beat a man with a flag pole. The guy acts like it would have been OK if he had been beating a political opponent.


Does anyone think that any of these rioters are sincerely regretful for their actions that day?


Dude, also not ok to beat someone up with a flagpole even if they were Antifa.


Nope. I believe every single one of them regrets getting caught. Some who have already gotten out of jail are saying it publicly. There’s a world of difference between wanting forgiveness and being repentant. Unfortunately, most of these people don’t even want forgiveness: they just want to be let off the hook.


Crocodile tears. Wait and see what he says later.

Groups like the Proud Boys know exactly what they’re doing, but some of these other folks don’t see the kind of world they’re hell-bent on making. They think they’re standing up to tyranny, when they’re ushering it in.


“I thought I was beating up a potentially violent protester!”, pleads the actual violent protester.


I think they do. I just think they don’t think the leopards will eat their faces.

People like them want tyranny, but directed only at people they don’t like. People like this have never understood that protecting the rights of minorities is how you prevent everyone from eventually being oppressed.

But when you’re mad and scared, a strongman who says he’s gonna kill the people you’re scared of starts to sound pretty good.


But they also do see themselves as scrappy outsiders, in part because so many middle class white Americans have come to revere cultural rebellion via mass culture… See this book:


Yep. This is the key point that they miss. Protecting the rights of the most vulnerable is by default protecting everyone’s rights… but as you note, they very much don’t want that. They want people they can punch down at. So they try to cloak themselves as the “real” oppressed minority and rebel railing against the tyrannical government.


I’m not sure if I’m alone in this - do these sentences seem unusually short?
I feel like if any of these crimes took place in a non-riot context, we’d be seeing sentences of 10-15 years.

It could be if they have no prior offenses, or an effort to avoid looking like a political prosecution.


It’s because they’re white and mostly middle class. :woman_shrugging:


Antifa panic is the new gay panic. Unfortunately we also still have gay panic.


You are not alone. These sentences are definitely all pretty light.

Imagine the sentence that a young Black man would get for beating a police officer with a metal pole. If they weren’t shot dead on the spot, or beaten to death by his buddies in booking, he’d get 20 years.

I’m not a fan of long punitive sentences. I wouldn’t want to see anyone get 20 years for this, but there’s definitely no equal justice here,

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